Debut Page 36
Race Race of Hera
Date of death Age 794 (Revived)
Height 5'3"
Weight 125 lbs
  • Bojack (boss)
  • Bujin (partner)
  • Bido (partner/deceased)
  • "Hey! I thought you'd run away! Ready to finish like your little friend?"
    — Zangya, taunting Bra, in "The taste of revenge"

    Zangya is a crew member of the space pirate, Bojack.



    The Zangya participating in the Multiverse Tournament is indigenous to Universe 6. In this universe, the events of the 9th DBZ movie, Bojack Unbound, change to the effect that Bojack is victorious and destroys all of the Z-Fighters. Zangya and Bujin, at least, also survive the battle along with Bojack and have become among the strongest beings in Universe 6.


    Currently, Zangya is dead by the hand of Bra after mistakenly taunting her about the death of Pan and then being easily killed in her match against Bra; she expressed disinterest in continuing with the tournament after watching the match between Vegetto of Universe 16 and Broly of Universe 20. Bojack however said that "There are no cowards in Bojack's gang. None that are still alive anyway"

    Later, Zangya was summoned as a ghost by Dr. Raichi of Universe 3 alongside several other of the dead participants, to battle Prince Vegeta of Universe 13.

    After being wished back, she left with Bojack, Bujin and all of her universe.