XXI is the thirty-third chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


As XXI enters the arena Vegetto realizes his opponent is a magician, thus deciding that he should end the fight quickly. However, XXI immediately uses his magic to move Vegetto to another dimension, with the latter realizing his opponent's scheme of hiding him for over 30 seconds. Vegetto shrugs off the magician's plan and discards it as a failed attempt, easily breaking out with his powerful energy only to find himself in the middle of another battle, confused by the surrounding situation. Unbeknown to him, the time in the dimension XXI trapped him in flowed differently, less than 20 seconds to him was almost 2 hours in the tournament's dimension, thus resulting in his loss.

After Baddack, one of the fighters in the current match, had another shady premonition, Vegetto was encouraged by his son Gohan to accept his defeat without tantrums so their Universe isn't disqualified and Pan doesn't stay dead. Vegetto reluctantly does so and teleports away from the stadium so the match can reassume, meanwhile Universe 4's Bu requested XXI to be called for a rematch, but turns out the latter wasn't responding any summons. This angered Bu, who proceeded to riot against the entire tournament in a rampage while claiming that he controls everything, with the competing Universes attempting to fight back to no avail.

Meanwhile, Vegetto was light years away in a fit of rage over his apparently unfair defeat, even stating that he wished to crush his son Gohan's skull even though he was right. However, Vegetto then decided to calm himself down and think of ways to still seize good battles in the tournament. Back at the stadium Bu was in the verge of taking control of the entire tournament, with not even the Z-Fighters being capable of suppressing Bu. However, among all the chaos there still was the Super Namek Gast who remained unaffected by Bu's power, immediately managing to strip Bu's clutches from everyone and singlehandedly suppress the Majin much to everyone's relief and Bu's shock, saving the entire stadium.


  • Not counting the specials, this is the 21st (XXI) chapter.
  • This chapter marks the first and so far only appearance of Universe 9's Bulma outside of a cover.
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