Universe 7: The last Namek is the twenty-third chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the ninth special chapter. This chapter tells the story of Gast Carcolh.


Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan arrive at planet Namek. They were trying to detect the Namekian dragon balls with their Dragon Radar, but failed. Gohan sensed a large power coming straight towards them, which was Nail. He asked if they had stolen the space ship, which Gohan and Krillin denied. Vegeta arrived also, which worried the everyone. Nail read Gohan's and Krillin's minds to see their story behind Vegeta.

Gast Carcolh then tells a story about Freeza whom attacked the planet in his search for immortality. Guru then sacrificed himself by fusing with Nail. Doing so, the dragon balls were reduced to stone. Nail the proceeded to kill Freeza's soldiers. Dodoria decided to step in, but he was instantly impaled by Nail. Freeza warns Nail about his power, but before he could Nail kicks him in the jaw.


Angered, Freeza transforms into his second form. Nail fires a ki wave towards Freeza, but it was ineffective. Freeza then headbutts Nail and flings him in the sky to blast him. As Nail regenerates, a Namek comes by who has the power of all the surviving Namekians. After combining, Nail returns to Freeza to challenge him once more. He fired a blast which obliterated all of Freeza's troops and then punched Freeza in the gut.

Freeza then transformed again to his third form and used his Crazy Finger Beam on Nail to push him back. After the smoke cleared, Nail extended his arm to grab onto Freeza's face and slam him into a mountain. Freeza quickly transformed into his final state and charged up a death ball. Nail then unleashed a powerful ki blast he gained from his meditative state and watched as it obliterated Freeza.

After the story was over, the crew asked Nail if he could create new dragon balls. Unfortunally, he could not. Vegeta and Kiwi were evasdropping as they heard about the news of Freeza's defeat. Nail decided to call himself Gast Carcolh and went on a universal search on ways to revive his fallen people. He brung Gohan, Vegeta, and Kiwi along with him.

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