Universe 6: Experiment subject Bojack is the forty-third chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the nineteenth special chapter.


In the year 499 in the secret Jaykals base of planet Jayna, an experiment to create warriors capable of defeating the oppressing Frost Demons is being developed, with the head scientist stating that their technology will create an army of soldiers far more powerful than the Frost Demons. Doubts are risen when it's noticed that most of the subjects are criminals, but the scientist promises that everything is under control. However, things get out of hand in the demonstration that transpire the following week, the group of criminals led by Bojack slaughter the scientists and entire staff leaving the secret base in ruins.

Commander Seggui steps in to stop Bojack, but the criminal turns out to be capable of increasing his power by transforming, thus overpowering the Commander. After Bojack fights and kills the Commander he invites anyone willing to follow him, with all the criminals and even some soldiers swearing his loyalty to him. A scientist tries to reason with them, remembering them their original goal of destroying the Frost Demons that have destroyed their planet and civilization, but the young Gokua uses the late Commander Seggui's sword to coldly kill him. Bojack takes his gang and leave the planet, with a concerned-looking Bujin following them just behind.


  • Even though this special centers on Universe 6, the events of the story happened in nearly all the universes.
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