Universe 6: Bojack gang's victory is the eighteenth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the sixth special chapter. It does not cover the "fanservice girls" that Salagir created, but instead explains how Bojack and his crew overcame the Z-Warriors.


After Gokū sacrificed himself to save the universe, Bojack and his gang were set free from King Kai's seal. Bojack then arrived on Earth and overpowered Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, and Yamcha. Trunks punched Gokua in the chest, thus killing him. Later in the battle, the Z-Warriors were defeated with Gohan left to be squeezed to death. Piccolo awakens from the feeling of Gohan's fading ki. He then hops ontop of a roof and looks down to see Bojack standing by the ceased Gohan. He then powers up out of anger, causing the building's glass to shatter and then soars straight for Bojack. Bido notices and intervenes infront of Piccolo with a ki wave. While Piccolo is battle Bido, Trunks awakens and tries to find Gohan. Once he found him dead, he enrages and becomes an Ultra Super Saiyan. Bujin and Zangya used their Energy Needles to tie up Trunks. Trunks loses his power, which catches Piccolo off guard. Bido takes his chance and elbows Piccolo in the throat. Once Piccolo gets up, he fires a Makosen towards Bido causing a huge explosion. After seemingly defeating Bido, he picked his next opponent from Bojack's gang. Bido quickly returns to smash Piccolo's head and blast him to death.


Bojack and his gang.

The gang decided it was time to kill Trunks next, yet Vegeta appeared charging his Final Flash. Bojack sensed the power within the blast and quickly zanzoken to evade it, leaving Bido to be obliterated from them blast. Bojack then reappeared behind Vegeta to punch him through the chest. With all the Z-Warriors dead, Gokū instant transmits to the Check-in Station. Gohan is sad that him and the others had failed, but Gokū cheered him up by asking Yenma for one day on planet Earth. He immediately denied it since the universe is not within any danger. In the end, Bojack turned planet Earth into a slave planet and created his own empire.


  • On page 398 in the English translation, the word "Fermé" was not translated. The meaning of the word is "Closed".
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