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Universe 6: Bojack's Empire

Universe 6 (第6宇宙, Dai roku uchū) was the fifth universe found by the Vargas. In this universe, Bojack's gang had taken control of the galaxy and replaced Freeza's Empire after defeating the Z-Warriors. However, they were unaware of a group of girls with magical abilities, making their conquest incomplete. The group's actual origin is unknown.


Age 767 - The events of Bojack Unbound diverge when Gokū does not intervene in the battle with Bojack. After Cell's self-destruction kills King Kai and Gokū, and destroys his planet, the seal on Bojack's prison is released, allowing the pirates to escape and discover the incredible fighters on Earth. Gokua and Bido are killed, while Gohan, Vegeta, and many of the other Z-Fighters are killed in the initial battle. Despite their motivation, the Z-Fighters are not allowed to be revived to challenge Bojack, giving him free reign.

The disappearance of the Z-Fighters has created a power vacuum allowing Syd, Kat, and their friends to become some of their universe's most powerful members. Their history is unknown, but at one point they are referenced as "magicians".


Other People

  • Bojack's twenty-four other Galaxy Warriors