Universe 3: Visions of the future is the twentieth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the seventh special. This chapter begins the two part special of an alternate timeline from the movie "Baddack, Father of Gokū".


The plot starts with Raditz being mocked at school for being a low-class Saiyan. After winning a fight, Raditz runs home to tell his father, Baddack. Baddack congratulates shortly after telling him that his brother was born.

Meanwhile, Freeza plots his plan to genocide the Saiyan race. Zarbon states that almost all the Saiyans are landing on Planet Vegeta. Freeza then asked who are the best Saiyans. Zarbon lists them and says they're missing from the ones coming back to Vegeta, due to their purging missions. They decide to send Harik's unit back to Vegeta while leaving Baddack's unit to die and keeping Vegeta's unit alive.

Baddack was disappointed at his newborn's power and walks off from his cradle. While leaving, Hanasia mocks him for having a similar power at birth and then scans the other babies. Dodoria enters the nursery and his assistant tells the family that Raditz will be sent on a planet to train while the baby will be sent to another planet to destroy it. Baddack leaves to his mission on planet Kannasia.

As Baddack and his crew arrive on planet Kannasia, they destroy their civilization effortlessly. After gloating about it, Baddack leaves to check on a big power level that just appeared. The person accepts his death as soon as Baddack arrives, but would like for Baddack to hear him out first. Baddack does so before killing him. The Kannasian tells Baddack about Freeza's betrayal and it could be prevented if all the Saiyans unite to defeat him. Baddack does not believe him so the Kannasian told Baddack to pierce his heart to receive his powers.

Baddack then has a vision of the future where his unit plans to finish off the rest of the planet. Baddack quickly returns to watching his friends recite the exact future sight. Baddack then has another future sight of Freeza killing King Vegeta and his elite guards. Baddack changes his plans and tells his crew to hurry back to Vegeta. Dodoria notices this, but decides let him and uses the excuse of the 20% Kannasians that are still alive as so.

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