Universe 3, (第3宇宙, Dai san uchū) is the second universe discovered by the Vargas. There is still much to be learned about this universe, such as why Tapion, Dr. Raichi, Baddack, and King Piccolo are now its strongest fighters.


Age 737 - The events of Baddack: Father of Gokū are changed when Baddack goes off to hunt down the last Kanassan by himself. The encounter leaves Baddack with latent psychic powers that manifest quickly, and since Baddack remains conscious, he realizes that Freeza plans to eradicate the Saiyans, and manages to rally the other Saiyans into rebellion against Freeza.

It is known that Raichi was either directly or indirectly responsible for the eradications of the Saiyans excluding Baddack, who became King of all Saiyans after his rebellion and achieved the Super Saiyan state later on.

King Piccolo may have survived due to Kakarotto not making it to Earth, or never being sent there because of Baddack's actions. Kami later agreed to fuse with him to save the world from his tyranny, by making him partly good and thus, kill fewer people. Kami was too cowardly to kill himself. Which would have prevented any deaths in the first place

Tapion was freed form the music box by Raichi. Hoi managed to convince him to open the box.

Timeline (Guess)

  • Age 737 - Baddack got his vision powers from the kanassa-jin Toolo, he overthrow Vegeta and organize the coup d'état to destroy Freeza, and succeed in doing so.
  • Age 737 to 767 - The Saiyans proceeded into their agenda of universal domination, they've clashed against Coola and Cold and somehow they beat them and for many decades the Saiyan civilization flourished as the galaxy super power until Dr. Raichi appears and starts the Tuffle vengeance against the Saiyans.
  • Age 767 to 794 - Between this period gap the Saiyans were fighting against Raichi, it could have taken many years or just a few months but Raichi ultimately eradicated the Saiyan race from the universe and only Baddack, the king of the Saiyans, survived. He hides himself from Raichi since then.
  • Age 794 - The Vargas found this universe and invited the most powerful beings to their Multiverse Tournament, they found Baddack first who asked to let him hide from the possible other contestants, certainly because he knows that Raichi would be invited as well.

Known Competitors

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