Universe 20: Broly's Universal Rampage

Universe 20 (第20宇宙, Dai ni-jū Uchū) is the designation of the nineteenth and last universe discovered by the Vargas of Universe 1 for their Multiverse Tournament. The only competitor from Universe 20 is Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, who was discovered frozen in a block of ice in space.


Broly's two storylines are rewritten for the sake of DBM's plot:

  • The first movie is changed so that Broly is launched into Comet Kumori. Planet New Vegeta is not destroyed by the comet in the aftermath (as Broly inadvertently stops it after being propelled into it by the Spirit Bomb).
  • The second movie continues with Broly surviving Comet Kumori and being pulled by the gravity of "New Vegeta" and over a period of 6 years, Broly struggled and got back on his feet, then while he sensed powers far away he went to them without a spaceship (rather, he held his breath) and he lost consciousness once he got to Earth, falling into a coma until the time Goten and Trunks arrive. Broly engages Son Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo all at once and is defeated when they launch him into the Sun with the unknown assistance of Son Gokū.

Universe 20 diverts from these two rewritten timelines as Broly narrowly misses the Sun. Broly returns at some point (probably just after Buu´s defeat based on the fact that Hoi never goes to Earth to release Hildegan in this universe) and slaughters the remaining Z-Fighters. It is unknown how he wound up floating in space, frozen in his Legendary Super Saiyan form.


  • Broly — Son of Paragus and the Legendary Super Saiyan. For his first round, Broly is matched against Vegetto from Universe 16, but he went berserk and started attacking the audience. After a long fight, Vegetto transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 and blasted Broly away from the tournament, winning the fight. He was very nearly absorbed by Majin Buu, but he was sent back to his own universe before Buu had the chance.