Universe 17: Cell's fearful victory is the sixteenth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the fifth special chapter. It tells the backstory on Cell's triumph over the Z-Warriors.


The chapter begins at the final Kamehameha beam struggle of Gohan and Cell. Gohan was unable to release the necessary power to reflect Cell's wave and was obliterated. As the Z-fighters mourning Gohan's death, Cell reminds them that he was tired from that blast. This angers Vegeta so he transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks him with a Final Flash. Tien joins him by directing his Tri-Beam while Krillin and Yamcha follow with Kamehameha. Piccolo whom reminisces on Gohan, charges his Special Beam Cannon. Cell then uses Instant Transmission to evade the incoming Waves and Beams. He then reappeared behind Vegeta to blast him through the gut, thus killing him.


Perfect Cell.

He then appears behind Piccolo and chops him in half. As Cell was about to finish Piccolo, Krillin attempts to stop him with Destructo Disk. Cell deflects it with his on ki and sends it straight for Tien which slices through his torso. Yamcha then dashes straight for Cell, but he is defeated. Krillin fires a volley of blasts from above, yet was unsuccessful. Cell then grabs Krillin by the shirt and flies towards space. Once in space, Krillin quickly loses oxygen and dies. Cell returns to Earth and absorbed all the human beings. The story ends with Cell travelling between planets to absorb every last being and become the perfect being.


  • Krillin should not be able to spew blood in space since the lack of oxygen dries up the blood.
  • Cell's Kamehameha did not destroy the Solar System as he said it would.