Universe17 2

Universe 17: Perfect Cell's Victory

Universe 17 is the designation given to the seventeenth universe found by the Vargas. Cell has defeated all opposition in this universe.


Age 767 - In this universe, the final battle with Cell took an awful turn when Gohan succumbs to his wounds and is obliterated during the struggle with Cell. Cell proceeds to eliminate the remaining Z-Fighters one-by-one, and with the Z-Fighters out of the way he was free to terrorize Earth with a new batch of Cell Juniors.


Age 767 — Due to Vegeta's non-interference, Cell was capable of killing Son Gohan in the Kamehameha struggle, he then proceeded killing all the remaining opposers Z-Fighters to ensure his supremacy. After finishing them all he spawned several Cell Jrs. and slaughtered all of the human race.

Age 767 to 794 — After destroying Earth, Cell and the Cell Jrs. proceeded destroying in their whole universe, crumbling hundreds of civilizations and slaughtering "zillions" of people just for the sake of their fun with no one capable of stopping them.

Age 794 — The Vargas find this universe and invite Cell and at least one remaining Cell Jr. to their Multiverse tournament which Cell accepted and is now currently participating. 


  • Cell — The creation of Dr. Gero and made of Saiyan, Namekian, and Frost Demon DNA. Fought Dabura of Universe 11 in the first round of the tournament, consciously keeping his power near its level at the time of the Cell Games, indicating that he has become far more powerful than that. Cell's won his second and third round fights against Bojack of Universe 6 and Tapion of Universe 3, respectively
  • First Cell Jr. — This Cell Jr. was originally supposed to face Gast Carcolh. Before the match began, Cell killed the Cell Jr. and made the strongest one he could make for the match.
  • Second Cell Jr. — Despite being the most powerful Cell Jr. known, it was killed easily by Gast Carcolh.