Universe 16: Vegetto's Universe

Universe 16 is the designation given by the Vargas to the universe in which Vegetto never defused. This universe is otherwise very similar to the base timeline of Universe 18, and as a result there are a number of identical aspects between the two universes.


Age 774 - The battle between Vegetto and Buu ended with Vegetto rescuing Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo from Buu's insides without having defused (due to not letting down his energy barrier).

After destroying Buu, Vegetto used the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore the buildings and people of Earth, and led his life under Vegeta's household. This relationship led to the birth of Bra, and with Vegetto going throughout the universe righting wrongs, settling conflicts, and fighting menaces, he brought her and his granddaughter Pan along with him on missions for hands-on training, allowing them to reach very high strenght.

To sustain Vegetto, a suitable planet found by Kibitoshin and Old Kai, later named Last Hope, was used for the mass-production of Senzu Beans with it beeing cultivated with the help of Vegetto's family and friends and later some willing Namekians.


  • Vegetto — The result of Potara fusion between Vegeta and Son Gokū of Universe 16. Vegetto's first round match was against Broly of Universe 20, though he won automatically due to Broly attacking the audience and his subsequent disqualification. Vegetto's second round match was against Universe 5's XXI, but he lost against the wizard.
  • Son Pan — Daughter of Son Gohan and Videl. According to the special chapter, she is the godchild of Piccolo from Universe 16. Although she could become a Super Saiyan, unlike her Universe 18 counterpart at the time, she was killed in the first round against Bojack of Universe 6.
  • Bra — Daughter of Vegetto and Bulma. In the first match she faced Zangya from Universe 6. She quickly killed Zangya due to her mentioning of Pan's death. Her next match was against Eleim from Universe 19, which she also won after a bit of trouble. She then proceeded to the quarter-finals after defeating King Cold of Universe 8
  • Gotenks — The result of Trunks and Goten performing the Fusion Dance. In his first round, Gotenks lost to his Universe 18 counterpart as Trunks defeated his counterpart due to luck, with Goten surrendering the match as a result.