U15 Ikl

Universe 15: I'k'l and its mother

Universe 15 is the designation given to this universe by the Vargas of Universe 1. This universe seems to have no relation to any Dragon Ball characters and the only two characters shown from it are original creations of Salagir. Salagir has also noted that this Universe was created to show how different the universes could be.


This universe, clearly, lacks any of the typical Z-Fighters. The most recent chapter, it appears that this universe follows a similar path as Universe 12 and Universe 14.

It also appears that a page concerning the origin of some universes, previously published and then deleted by Salagir, showed that Universe 15 was the one that Cell of DBZ, that is the one of Universe 16, 17 and 18, came from. In that universe, the Androids had been deactivated, Trunks had been killed by Cell, and Cell traveled to the past. The Z-Warriors had already been defeated by the Androids. Buu's revival was also stopped by Son Gohan before dying, as confirmed by the special chapter. Being so, there were no powerful warriors on the Earth, and so the only possible competitor had to belong to another planet, that is I'k'l. Unless more connections are revealed, it appears that I'k'l's birth is not related to the events on Earth, since the Android never left their planet. So, it is possible to imply that the fact that I'k'l has not been chosen in any other universe, despite his mother probably existing, might be the proof that he is not so strong.


  • I'k'l - An unborn baby deemed most powerful fighter in Universe 15. I'k'l lost his first match against Universe 14's Android #17 by default, having not been born in time for his fight.

What does she eat?


  • I'k'l's mother