Universe 13 - Two brothers is the fiftieth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse. It details Kakarotto's rehabilitation, his training with Raditz, and their invasion of planet Helior. It was drawn by Johan Dark (first part) and Ouv (formerly known as Taopaipai)


On planet Freeza 54, Kakarotto is undergoing his "rehabilitation" after being taken from Earth. He shows signs of serious mental issues and is very aggressive, so Raditz tries to talk to him every day and to teach him some social behavior.

Some weeks later, while training, Raditz gets the communication that Vegeta and Nappa will meet them on Freeza 54 in one year and depart from here to conquer Helior, their next mission. The younger brother seems unhappy with that and has an idea; despite Raditz' insisting that alone they would never be able to conquer that planet, Kakaroth wants to get stronger to show the other Saiyans what they are capable of. To make a point Kakarotto shows that he can control his power level, surprising his brother, and suggests to train together and teach each other. During that period Kakarotto learns about the Bluets-waves and the Ozaru, and suggest to implant a miniature Blutz lamps into their eyes.

After some months the brothers travel to Helior and start their mission, while trying to let the scientific buildings untouched- a thing Kakarotto struggles to do. Because the Heloite army is currently off border, the government can only send one Ultra, Feyn, to stop the invaders. The woman with the long red hair arrives at the battlefield and starts to battle the Saiyans, proving to be a quite capable fighter, a lot comes from her weapons. She manages to hurt Kakarotto badly and tries to get some information out of Raditz, but then the older brother starts to loose his cool and charges a strong attack. With one blast he destroys the whole city, only Feyn remains unharmed thanks to her barrier. Suddenly the badly injured Kakarotto stands up and grabs her back, and kills her by perforating her chest from behind.

The battle was followed by the Heloites and they send their residual army, but the Saiyans had already disappeared and decide to hide until they have healed their wounds.


  • Raditz of Universe 13
  • Kakarotto of Universe 13
  • Unnamed soldiers on Freeza 54
  • Several Saibamen
  • Members of unknown races
  • Feyn of Universe 13 (debut)
  • Several members of the Heloite race

Important events

  • Kakarotto starts his rehabilitation.
  • Raditz and Kakarotto train together and invade Helior.
  • Kakarotto kills an Ultra, but remains injured.
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