Universe 11: attack of the androids, without Cell! is the sixtieth chapter of the Dragon Ball Multiverse series.


The chapter takes place in Universe 11. All the Z-Fighters assemble on Kami's Lookout. Goku suggests that he trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a year, but Kami refuses, saying that the Androids they're afraid of haven't committed any serious crime. Kami then goes on to call out Vegeta for being an even worse threat than the Androids, saying he trusts his evil counterpart more than him. Later on, Android 17, Android 18, and Android 16 arrive at Kame House, displeased that Goku is not there. Android 16 then detects Goku, and the Android gang fly towards Goku. When the Androids arrive at the Capsule Corporation, where the Z-Fighters are training, #17 immediately demands a battle between him and Goku. Android 17 blasts Goku, who is standing in front of the Capsule Corp building, has no choice but to take the attack. Trunks then lashes out at #17 for attacking his mother, however is swiftly defeated by Android 18. Goku quickly goes Super Saiyan and begins fighting Android 17. Android 18 quickly gets annoyed by everyone attacking her and eventually attempts to attack Krillin, but then begins to hesitate. She's then blasted in the back by Vegeta and everyone begins to attack her at once while she's on the ground, however, had no effect, as she brought up her Android force field. Bulma quickly comes out of the Capsule Corp building with a remote to shut down the Androids.

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