Universe 1

Universe 1: Supreme Kais' universe

Universe 1 (第1宇宙, Dai ichi uchū) is the designation given by the dimension-hopping Vargas to their own home universe. This is the only known universe in which the Vargas stumbled upon the principle of inter-dimensional travel.


Five million years ago, the wizard Bibidi's attempt to create Majin Buu was thwarted when he was killed due to intervention from the Supreme Kais'. The long-lived gods took a deeper role in safeguarding this universe compared to many of their alternate counterparts, defusing other threats like Freeza and Broly early on, the latter when he was still an infant. Because of this, the Saiyans never achieve space travel, neutralizing the potential of their power and growth.

Second Divergence

Simultaneously, a miraculous discovery changes the nature of the Vargas. The Vargas develop technology that allows them to travel across different universes, across a "multiverse" of different realities all with different outcomes, decisions, and peoples. When the Vargas complete their dimensional transport, the Kaioshins of Universe 1, as the ruling pantheon and most powerful beings in their universe, decided that the barriers between universes should remain closed.

However, they allowed for one grand tournament between the most powerful beings of 20 specific universes. The Kaioshins themselves would serve as the organizers of the tournament, which would take place in an entirely dead universe, so as not to bring harm to any thriving universe through collateral damage. The Vargas were to be in charge of the gathering of competitors from throughout the multiverse. To better facilitate cooperation between the universes, the Vargas sought out the Namekians of Universe 1. The prize for the winner of the tournament would be three wishes from Universe 1's Porunga via the Dragon Balls of Namek. The Dragon Balls of the other Namekians participating in the tournament, as agreed, would be used to resurrect any fighters killed in the tournament.


  • Southern Supreme Kai - The Southern Kai has engaged in one match against Butta of Universe 8, and defeated him with virtually no effort. In the second round he faced Majin Buu of Universe 11. After a brief fight, he enacted a plan to get himself absorbed by Majin Buu to free his alternate universe counterpart from his pod. However, he found that his counterpart had been completely integrated into Buu. Disappointed, he left the creature. He lost due to exiting the arena for 30 seconds.



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