The terrifying power of the Legendary Super Saiyan!! is the ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse. It begins the battle of Vegetto versus Broly.


Broly rushes at Gokū who then reacts by turning into a Super Saiyan 3. Broly then stopped as he saw Vegetto's Energy Sword which blocked himself from Gokū. Broly then looks up at Vegetto who tricks him into thinking that he is Gokū. Broly then ascends to the air, then rushes toward Vegetto. Vegetto then transforms into a Super Saiyan, preparing for Broly to charge at him. Broly then throws a punch at Vegetto, but he easily dodged it. Broly hits the sphere-shaped arena, causing half of it to be destroyed.

Vegetto then becomes behind Broly to kick him in the face. Vegetto then continued his assault until Broly caught one of his punches. Broly then kneeled Vegetto in the gut and slammed him into the arena, which caused then rest of it to be destroyed. Without hesitation, Broly continued to charge at Vegetto. Vegetto dodged Broly and punched him in the jaw. Broly quickly recovers and thrusts a punch towards Vegetto, dodges then grabs his arm and throws him at what was left of the arena. Vegetto then used instant transmission and appeared behind Broly to preform a Big Bang Attack, leaving a huge explosion in the air.


The epic fight between Broly and Vegetto.

Goten and Trunks was impressed for their dad. Piccolo, Gohan, and Super Buu was wondering why Vegetto was holding back. Vegetto then mocks Broly on not releasing his full power, which caused the angered Broly to do so. Broly quickly rushed to Vegetto to punch him in the jaw which sends him straight to the tournament's floor. Broly's new power leaves everyone in awe. The Kaioshins were then referring to the reason they killed Broly as a baby in their universe.

Vegetto then appears out of the crater and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 for the first time. Broly then rushes at Vegetto again, kick Broly's chin and punches his forehead right after. Broly then grapples onto Vegetto to headbutt him, but it recoils on Broly. Vegetto them kicks Broly to escape his grapple. The chapter ends with both of the fighters trading blows and Vegeta's, Piccolo's, and Gohan's amazement.


  • On Page 193, there was an error where Vegetto is seen without his Potara earrings.
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