The new abilities of fusion is the fifty-first chapter of the Dragon Ball Multiverse manga.


Pan and Videl bring the possessed spectators to the Varga who send them back to their universes.

In the sixth match of round three we see Gotenks from universe 18 against Buu from Universe 4. The Dshinn is freed from the palm of the Great-Kaiohshin, while Piccolo is surprised by Goten and Trunks and their super-fast fusion dance, learned by a "friend". Uub suspects that this "friend" might be the same as his nightly visitor. In the ring both contestants unleash their power making the arena shake and some comment on their power. Gotenks transforms in SSj3 and rushes to attack, but after 4-5 hits the fusion dissolves, leaving Goten and Trunks open. Bra from universe 16 reacts angry, while Buu punches the two half-Saiyans, but then they smile and perform an alternate fusion-dance, forming a new and fresh Gotenks. Smiling Buu shows off by revealing his Ultra-armor stolen from the Heloites, shocking them. Eleim states that without Xeniloums cerebral waves he won't be able to use it, but Buu reacts by recreating the ultra's face and using the armor with dexterity. But he overdoes it, and soon the batteries are empty. Gotenks covers Buu with attacks, but before he knows it Buu shots some Carbonite on the fusion and hits his hand, plunging him into panic. Gotenks splits up, cancelling the Carbonite with that procedure, but remaining wide open to Buus double punch, which hits both unconscious.

After the announcement of Buus victory that's when the lunch break begins. Vegeta wonders where his three underlings are and Trunks and Goten are forced to serve their comrades, having lost a bet. In the meantime Babidy continues his way though Freezas army.

After the lunch the seventh fight would be between Bra from universe 16 and King Cold from universe 8. The Frost demon calls the Saiyaness out for being too arrogant, and offers her a challenge: she would have to fight him without transforming. The girl accepts and the deal becomes official. However, in the moment both fighters touch the ground, Cold transforms into a new form, an augmentation form like Coola. Bra admits that now he might have a chance, but then Cold goes on by transforming a second time, becoming a real monster and shocking everyone. Piccolo and Goku estimate his power being around perfect Cell-level, and Gohan shouts out to his Bra to nullify their bet now, but the girl still is sure to win, seeing it as a sort of training...


Main events:

  • Conclusion of the fight Buu (U4) Vs Gotenks (U18)
  • Beginning of the fight Bra (U16) Vs KIng Cold (U8)
  • KIng Cold showing a second augmentation from