The invincibility gag manga!! is the thirty-fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the first flashback.


Bra observes as and wonders what her father's opponent will be like just before XXI makes Vegetto suddenly vanish without trace, much to everyone's surprise. 30 seconds later XXI is declared the winner, shocking the entire stadium and prompting Vegetto's relatives to question XXI of his whereabouts. The magician coldly shrugs them off while Bu states that he understood what XXI did, correctly deducing that Vegetto is merely trapped in an alternate dimension and will soon return, stating that a rematch should be arranged when he comes back.

The tournament continues with Universe 14's #18 vs Universe 2's Arale, with some remaining contestants expressing either disappointment or relief at Vegetto's defeat. Universe 9's Tien expresses how the upcoming match will feature polar opposites, wondering if #18 will see her humanity restored by the human-like robot Arale, but it doesn't. The match begins with #18 lashing out against Arale, but the robotic girl fights back with astonishing abilities, abilities that Bu describes being capable of distorting reality to even greater levels than his own magic, leaving the Majin wondering where Universe 2 came from. The fight continues with #18 at the verge of defeat, but Arale runs out of energy and collapses, giving the victory to #18.

The next match is Universe 18's Gotenks vs Universe 2's Nekomajin, another fight where Universe 2's contestant displays unusual powers such as mimicking Gotenks' abilities in bizarre but nonetheless effective ways, pushing the fused Saiyan-half to near defeat. All of Universe 2's viewers placed huge bets on Nekomajin's victory, and after everyone placed their bets Nekomajin forfeited, giving the victory to Gotenks and winning a big profit by scamming his fellows. Since everyone in Universe 2 lost their fights they decide to return home, abandoning the tournament and only leaving Mary Sue behind.

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