The fight of the fathers is the thirty-sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse.


Even though Gast is keeping Bu at check, the organizers are still incapable of sending him back to his Universe, with the Western Supreme Kai contemplating alternate solutions. Vegetto returns, much to his fellows' irritation, and Dabra suggests to his master Babidi to imprison that Bu to get in good terms with the organizers, but such method could also imprison his own Universe 11's Bu, so he discards that idea. The imprisoned Bu suddenly begs for forgiveness, stating that his actions where the result of thousands of personalities within him, personalities that he states won't allow to break lose again.

Everyone has mixed feelings about such thing, but the Grand Kaioshin decides to make an exception and give Bu a chance, much to his fellows surprise. The Grand Kaioshin states that he can mimic Gast's technique to hold Bu and will release him only for his fights, thus allowing the tournament to continue its course. Baddack and Cold can resume their fight, with Baddack stating that he has seen his opponent's defeat through the future, but Cold simply shrugs off such warning and the two clash in battle. The balance of the battle shifts back and forth between the Saiyan and the Frost Demon, but Baddack is ultimately defeated by Cold's Full Power, leaving the clairvoyant wondering how did his premonition went wrong.

After Raichi shows his delight at Baddack's defeat, the next match is announced, placing the Tsuful scientist against Universe 13's Prince Vegeta.

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