Eastern Supreme Kai
EasternKaioshin1 color
Higashi no Kaiôshin
Alternate names East Supreme Kai
East Kaioshin
Debut Page 31
Race Shin-jin
Date of birth Over 75 Million Before Age
Date of death Age 794
  • Grand Supreme Kai (boss)
  • Southern Supreme Kai (fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Northern Supreme Kai (fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Western Supreme Kai (fellow Supreme Kai)
  • Captain Ginyu (current host of body)

  • Shin, (シン Shin), the Eastern Supreme Kai 東の界王神, Higashi no Kaiōshin, lit. "A God of the East's Boundary King"), is one of the highest deities of the Dragon Ball pantheon and one of the strongest beings in his universe. Eastern Supreme Kai is the youngest of the five Kaioshin, he also claims to be the weakest among them. Unlike his Universe 18 counterpart, he still has the benefit of all of his fellow Kaioshin being alive, Majin Buu never having existed in Universe 1. In his universe, the Kai are proactively guiding events of the universe, keeping threats like Freeza in check. Eastern Supreme Kai was against the decision to neutralize the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Upon seeing Universe 20's Broly fight with Universe 16's Vegetto, he understood why it needed to be done. During the battle between Ginyu and the Kaioshins, Ginyu steals Northern Supreme Kai's body, injuring himself and stealing the body of Shin, leaving Shin to die from the wounds Ginyu inflicted.

    Multiverse Tournament

    First Round

    Eastern Kai, along with the other Kais are in awe on Videl's ability to carry the Z-Sword.

    Third Round

    When Babidi of Universe 11 attempted to cheat in the tournament by using magic to help Majin Buu win his match against Uub of Universe 18, Eastern Kai stopped him by covering his mouth, and warning him to not cheat.

    Majin Invasion

    When Babidi possessed a large portion of the Multiverse Tournament competitors and spectators, Shin engaged into a fight with Dabura of Universe 11 and Captain Ginyu of Universe 8. During the fight with Ginyu, Ginyu steals the body of Northern Supreme Kai, injuring himself and then steals the body of Shin.


    Northern Supreme Kai's body

    Main article: Northern Supreme Kai (Universe 1)

    During the battle between the Kaioshins and Captain Ginyu in his second augmentation form, Ginyu steals the body of the Northern Supreme Kai and then stealing Shin's body.


    • After Nail showed the Gods to Piccolo on Universe 1's wing, Piccolo sensed and realized that this Eastern Kaioshin for some reason is weaker than the one who appeared with Kibito during the Buu Saga in his universe.