Piccolo (Universe 16)
Race Namekian
Date of birth Age 753
Height 7'5" (adult)
Weight 116 kg/225 lbs. (adult)
  • Gohan (student)
  • Pan (goddaughter)
  • Piccolo of Universe 16 is a spectator of the Multiverse Tournament. He is the mentor of Gohan, and the godfather of his daughter, Pan.



    Piccolo of Universe 16 shares the same appearance as his counterparts.


    Resembles that of his Universe 18 counterpart. His mentor relationship may have extended over to Vegetto's daughter, Bra, as he attempted to tame Bra's fury after she saw Bojack break Pan's neck. This attempt, however, failed and required Gohan and Vegetto's intervention to prevent any further violence.


    Potentially the same as his Universe 18 counterpart; however, with Vegeto protecting Earth and later the universe, there would be even less reason for Piccolo to continue training or improve in his position. Piccolo used Magic Materialization to conjure a coffin for Gohan when Pan was killed.

    Dragon Ball Multiverse

    First Round: Pan's Death

    Piccolo first appears with the rest of Universe 16 in Chapter 2, but does not speak to his alternate self at any witnessed point. After Pan was murdered by Bojack, he created a coffin to put Pan's corpse in. He appears during the somber lunch break for Universe 16 and later restores Vegito's clothing after it was damaged during the battle with Broly and Buu. Also, during the rest prior to Round 2, this Piccolo had the same idea as his counterpart and chose to sleep outside.

    Second Round

    Piccolo is later seen with the rest of the Z-Fighters after Vegetto reappears from his battle with XXI of Universe 5.

    Third Round

    After Bra reattains her body after her body was stolen by Captain Ginyu, Piccolo completely heals her and fixes her clothes.