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  • I'k'l's mother (mother)
  • I'k'l is a mysterious being from Universe 15. He apparently possesses the strongest battle power in his universe due to the Vargas selecting him to enter the tournament. Despite this, I'k'l has yet to be born. He is first mentioned early-on when the Vargas are gathering the competitors from Universe 18.


    First Round

    Early on in the tournament, I'k'l is matched up against Android 17 from Universe 14. However, I'k'l's parent pleads for the Vargas to wait a few more hours as I'k'l is not yet born. Her pleas were denied and I'k'l is forced to forfeit.


    • I'k'l's parent is often referred to in male pronouns. Salagir has confirmed that I'k'l's parent is in fact a woman, but that the Vargas do not really make that distinction (perhaps the Vargas, like Namekians, have only one gender), and Salagir points out that as an alien, it does not really make much difference.
    • It was stated by Salagir that I'k'l will most likely not play a significant part in the story.