Gast Carcolh
Gast Body.png
Gasuto Kaukoru
Alternate names Super Namek

Hyper Namek
The Last Namek
Grand Nail (briefly)

Debut Page 32
Race Namekian
Date of birth December 16th, Age 762 (about 32 years old)
Height Over three meters (at least 9 ft.)
  • Nail (fusee)
  • Grand Elder Guru (fusee)
  • Several other Namekians (fusees)
  • "Thank you. But I'm not really Nail anymore. I've decided to call myself Gast Carcolh."
    — Gast Carcolh, in 'Universe 7: The last Namek"

    Gast Carcolh (ガストカウコル, Gasuto Kaukoru) is an original character creation from Dragon Ball Multiverse, being an warrior-type Super Namekian[1][2] and the fusion of several Nameks from Universe 7.[3] His inception was initially Nail fusing with Grand Elder Guru[4], but later on attains his current form.[5][6] Gast is the sole survivor of Freeza's massacre, whom began his search for the Dragon Balls on Namek by slaughtering an entire village of people to attain immortality.[7][1] When Freeza attacked their planet for the Dragon Balls, the Nameks ultimately decided to fuse together. The resulting Namek killed Freeza and had many adventures afterwards.[2]


    Gast is an incredibly tall humanoid that makes beings such as Son Gokū pale in comparison in terms of size.[8] Gast, being a Namekian bears iconic characteristics to his race such as having green skin, antennas, and serrated pink patches darting all over him. He is fairly muscular, another trait that commonly shared among Super Namekians such as Piccolo. Clothing-wise he wears a cut-down brown vest, cerulean belt, white pants, brownish shoes, and a flowing mauve cape that doubles as a scarf. His chest is visible within this uniform.[3] There have been a few rare occasions where Gast's eyes become pure white, showing no irises or pupils.[9] Just like Namekians in the manga, Gast has four digit fingers, and by extension it is applied to his toes as well on his hands and feet respectively.[10]

    When his fusion just consisted of Grand Elder Guru being fused within Nail, Gast still wore the exact same clothing Nail was wearing [11] and was a bit shorter compared to his current version.[6]

    Uniquely when drawn by Arcady Picardi, several artistic liberties are taken that makes his appearance different anywhere else within DBM. For starters, instead of having black eyes and a white sclera, they are changed to a pure yet faint yellow that has no pupils or irises.[12] Next he actually has five digit fingers and toes, a stark contrast where they only have four in other appearances.[13][14] Lastly he is seen wearing different clothing at various points. Upon meeting Coola, Gast is wearing a elongated vest and a small scarf for upper garments wear, otherwise is bear chested. Wearing pants that is secured to the waist by a obi-slash, Gast is no longer wearing shoes, but has several bandages tightening around his ankles and instep.[13] When he became a citizen of Icarion, Gast is seen wearing a long sleeve robe of sorts.[15] And when appearing for the promotional cover chapter, Gast is wearing a scarf and unique vest that wields gold trimmed edges for the design.[12]


    Initially as his two original components, Grand Elder Guru and Nail, he was just like them. But due to the threat of Freeza, albeit hesitating greatly, Guru desired for Nail to absorb him so that he could challenge Freeza.[4] Once merged, Gast displayed profound rage at the death of his people[16], referring to them as his 'children' while eradicating the invaders.[17] His ruthlessness was evident, killing Dodoria without hesitation[11], though he did had enough patience to offer Freeze to leave or immediately die, which was taken by the frost demon kindly.[18] But after losing to Freeza, Gast apologized to one of his sons and quickly accepted his offer of fusion to grow even stronger.[5] Upon achieving his current form, Gast philosophically showed his disdain for Freeza since he is destruction incarnate, though revealing that namek will never die long as life remains. And without hesitation, promises to end Freeza's life for the atrocities he has committed.[6] Gast showed a more demoralizing side, wanting Freeza to change as many times since he knew it wouldn't change anything in their battle.[19] And when the time came, Gast gave Freeza some cryptic words before telling him to "go to Hell", quickly killing Freeza and ending his reign forever.[20]

    When encountering the Z-Team, Gast was immediately suspicious of them for having a Namekian ship to ride in. And when they failed to give him a adequate answer, he resolved to have them "pay" for it, indicating he was about to strike Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma dead without question. But before he could do so, he was interrupted by Vegeta's arrival to Planet namek, making Gast believe that a second attack was underway.[21] But after reading their minds and realizing how honest and pure their intentions were, he immediately open up to them and cascaded his doubts.[22][23] Later on with a saddened expression, Gast informs them that he is the 'last of the nameks' and felt bad that they made their trip for nothing.[1] It is likely he is experiencing remorse over being the last of his kind, making him driven towards getting his wish at the end of the Vargas's tournament.[24] Nonetheless he enjoyed Gohan's company, happily informing him his new name. This shows he has a kinder side compared to his stoic facade Yet later on, Gast threatened Vegeta and Kiwi to assist him or face death, showing that he has no patience for those he considers as enemies unless they can serve a purpose.[25]

    Gast considers Gohan to be a friend, recognizing him in Universe 18 when compared to the one from his universe.[26]

    Upon encountering Coola, Gast showed enough patience to warn Coola to not challenge him, lest he meets the same fate as Freeza. This heavily highlights his calm, but very detached and merciless facet to his character. After mocking Sauza since he wasn't listening to his 'master'[13], without hesitation or remorse Gast killed them all as swiftly as possible.[14][27] Upon speaking to the elders of the council on Planet Icarion, Gast pleaded his case for assistance, though quickly noted he not 'their's to command' since they asked him to deal with King Cold for their survival. Nonetheless he heard their side of the story and allying up with a young genius named Thorn, showing that Gast can compromise if need be.[28] And once their usage has been fulfilled, Gast allowed Vegeta and Kiwi to leave, allowing them to keep their lives and freedom.[29] Upon challenging King Cold, Gast Carcolh was disgusted with the megalomania presented in his family[30], and later becomes mad at his irresponsibility at nearly destroying the planet.[31] However he placed Thorn's safety before him, knowing he could sustain Cold's attack.[32][33] And when the time came to kill King Cold, Gast didn't hesitate to perform the deed.[34] Afterwards Gast comically told Thorn to shut up since he was annoying him[35], though later on he heals Thorn, promises to train him, and informs him his home planet is no longer in danger from the likes of Vegeta or Kiwi.[36] And when back to Icarion, Gast accepted the offer to live there and began to happily train Thorn, finally gaining a semblance of peace while continuing his quest to revive his people.[15]

    During the Multiverse Tournament, Gast is rarely seen speaking and actually rests through most of the battles.[3][37] It was only when Gohan powered up at the event of his daughter's death that Gast even opened his eyes at all, showing his curiosity at the power.[38] And upon witnessing Vegetto's incredible might[39][40], Gast remained absolute in his decision at staying for the tournament since he has a wish to make no matter what (which is reviving his people).[24] When called to battle against Cell Jr, Gast had his guard down since he believed his opponent would respect the rules[41][42], but was quick to rise back up after getting sucker punched.[43] Agreeing to continue the match and powering up for retaliation[44], Gast is shown to have great analytical prowess, knowing where to strike the regenerative core of the Cell Jr, presumably just from witnessing the original Cell battling against Dabra.[45][46]

    According to Gast when describing himself, he not the type to deceive others for the purpose of stealing valued privileges and prizes, or for achieving other objectives. He was not insidious, and rather, he was smart and strong, albeit lonely.[47] Gast also believes that no Namekan shouldn't be evil in any universe, and due to this, is wary of his own power in fear of becoming drunk with power.[48]

    When asked what would be his wish by the organizers, Gast reiterated that he wants to find a way to reproduce offspring on his own.[49] However, he also stated that he would like to be de-fused again, becoming the people that makes up his fused body.[48]


    The Last Namek: Creation

    A few days before the Z-Team arrived on Planet Namek in Age 762[50][23], to be precise it was December 16th, Age 762[51], Freeza arrived on Planet Namek and already destroyed a Namekian village to acquire his first dragon ball in his quest for immortality.[7] Gast, still being his original main components of Grand Elder Guru and Nail, the former notes that a terrible monster has arrived and that their people are in jeopardy. Making his decision, though with a lot of hesitation, Guru wants Nail to take his power so that he can fight the threat since it their only chance of survival. When Nail questions Guru that he wants to sacrifice himself, Guru notes that he doesn't have much life anyways but knows it can still be useful in this dire situation. When Nail pleads that he cannot do it, Guru reassures his son that he will live much longer within Nail and will have the power to save their people.[4] And as Freeza attacks the second village, the dragon balls becomes inert since Guru left this world via fusion with Nail.[52]

    Gast flying and getting mad at the senseless violence

    Stronger than ever, the fused Nail now harboring Guru's knowledge and power flew towards the battlefield and witnessed his slain brethren on the ground. Becoming enraged at the senseless massacre, Freeza's men armed their weapons at him.[16] As the soldiers sense his power and attempt to run away, Nail kills them with energy blasts while proclaiming that how dare they kill his children. Seeing that this one is stronger than the rest, Dodoria prepares to strike down Nail.[17] Powering up that it destroys scouters, Nail fires a single energy blast that goes through Dodoria's heart, killing him instantly. Shocked, Zarbon notes that his power must be easily greater than the Ginyu Squad.[11] Finding Nail's power to be amazing and asking if he wants to join his elite army, Nail darkly tells him to leave immediately or he will kill him now. Believing that Nail needs a lesson and about to explain his powers, Nail brutally kicks Freeza in the face.[18] Injured and enraged, Freeza calls Nail a bastard before transforming into his second state. Telling Nail that he will regret his actions, Nail quickly fires a energy wave, though Freeza barrels through and grabs Nails hands.[53] Receiving a headbutt and a punch to the face that sent him flying, Nail is hit by a energy blast in the sky that sends him careening to the countryside, defeated and injured. Victorious, Freeza orders his men to find the dragon balls and if they don't change back, he will personally destroy Planet Namek.[54]

    Approached by a elderly Namekian and asking Nail if he is still alive, Nail, speaking in Guru's dialect, informs him that his regeneration has improved greatly and apologizes to his son since his believed that his strength would be enough for the invaders, but Freeza has more power than he thought. Realizing that the Grand Elder is within Nail and noting that all is not lost, in fact it is only the beginning, the Namekian elder wants Nail to take his power and the others since they are prepared to live within him than be defeated by Freeza.[5]

    Gast finally destroying Freeza

    Later on after a small amount of time had passed[5], Freeza reaches the apex of his patience and will now destroy the planet since no namekians can now be found. Telling Freeza that he is only capable of destruction although Namek will never be destroyed as long as life exists, but on the other hand promises Freeza that he shall end his life here. Finding Nail to be annoying as one soldier notes that Nail has grown, Nail informs them that the dragon balls are now worthless.[6] Lazily firing a energy blast, the light it emits kills all the soldiers and brutally shreds Zarbon into pieces. With Freeza enduring it, Nail flies down and delivers a devastating punch to Freeza's gut.[55] As Freeza crashes into a hill and is now angry, he promises to reveal his true power for the first time. Freeza then transforms into his third state. Telling Freeza to transform as many times he likes since it will not change anything, Freeza rushes at Nail before unloading countless finger blasts at him.[19] Despite being engulfed in smoke, Nail elongates his arm and pushes Freeza into another hill after slamming his palm into his face. Angrier than ever, Freeza transforms into his final form before rushing after Nail.[56] Punching Nail in the face that staggers him back, Freeza begins to charge his death ball as Nail gets into a meditative stance, intentionally closing his eyes.[57] Wanting Nail to die with his planet, Nail grimly informs Freeza that he who lives by the sword shall die by it as Freeza suddenly becomes paralyzed. Telling Freeza to go to Hell before firing a mighty energy blast, Freeza screams in disbelief before being engulfed and dying from the explosion.[20]

    The Last Namek: New Arrivals

    Gast believing a second invasion is about to commence

    In his universe on Age 762 on December 26th[50], Gast sensed and immediately flew towards Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin when they arrived on Namek in search for the Dragon Balls. Landing, Gast towers before them with his arms crossed.[58] Giving Gohan a stern look despite being greeted kindly, Gast immediately asks if they stolen their ship from a Namekian. Not believing Gohan or Krillin and perceived them to be a threat that must pay for their inequities, he is interrupted from his thoughts when Vegeta arrives to Planet Namek. Weary, Gast notes that it is the beginning of a second attack and that enemy forces are coming from everywhere.[21] Hearing the reasons why the three arrived to Namek, Gast notes that they talk too much and shall read their minds instead.[22] As Vegeta senses Gast's power via scouter and believes that it is 'Freeza' all alone, Gast finds the intentions of Gohan and Krillin to be pure and honest. Finished, he tells them that they have an amazing story but their quest is in vain since there was indeed dragon balls on the planet a few days ago.[23] Stating that he wasn't the only inhabitant on the planet, Gast begins telling his tale of the atrocities that took place.[7]

    As Gast finishes retelling the story of his birth to an eagerly-listening audience of Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin, the Earthlings believe that Vegeta has no chance against him and ask if he can still create dragon balls. Sadly, he informs them that his biology is that of the warrior-type Namekian, so he has lost some of his other Namekian abilities such as creating new Dragon Balls, or the ability to self-reproduce. Titling himself 'the Last of the Nameks', Gast tells them sorry since they made their trip for nothing and won't be able to get their wish.[1] As Bulma sadly notes that they have no choice but to return to Earth, Gohan openly and happily admires "Nail" due to his similarity to Piccolo and offers to assist him if possible. Gast however kindly thanks him but states that he has adopted the name of "Gast Carcolh" since he really no longer Nail anymore. Later on after a undisclosed amount of time has passed, Gast finds both Vegeta and Cui behind some rocks and threatens them that he shall be taking the spaceship of their ex-chief. Wanting to travel across the universe to find a solution to revive his people, Gast knows they can drive it and gives them a ultimatum of either coming with him, or dying in that instant.[25]

    Collapse of an Empire: Facing Coola

    Gast injuring Coola and killing his Squadron

    Travelling to Planet Icarion, hosted by the Alcmenians that lies at the edge of the galaxy since it known to collect and preserve the cultures of all known worlds, Gast arrives in Freeza's ship that by coincidence has Coola and his squadron also on the planet. Coola, realizing that the pilot likely killed Freeza, waited for him to land and disembark[59] As Gast got out of the ship, Coola tells Gast that this is his brother's ship and he wants to know how it came to his possession or was it him that killed Freeza. Gast, unafraid, tells Coola that he should be wiser and not try to challenge him in direct battle. As Sauza readies his attack at the disrespect Gast gave to Coola, Coola doesn't recommend it though Sauza promises that ti won't take long. Warning Sauza to not attack him and he should listen to his master, Sauza flies in to strike Gast down.[13] Dodging Sauza's attack while leaving behind his vest and scarf, Gast attacks a surprised Coola off guard by shoving his palm through his chest. Greatly injuring him as the squadron go to their master, Gast unleashes a powerful super explosive wave that creates a mighty explosion.[14] With entire squadron dead and much of the surrounding land eradicated, Gast kills Coola with another punch through his chest, making the elder Alcmenian to question Gast's resolve if he another tyrant or not.[27]

    Having a audience with the elders, Gast Carcolh reveals his intentions that he came to their planet to assist him with his problems since he can no longer reproduce or create dragon balls. Desiring to assist Gast and saying his request is laudable despite Namek never revealing their secrets prior, they inform Gast that they need his help since King Cold will eventually attack them in the mourning of his sons deaths. Initially rejecting their motions of defense since Gast saw them having no authority to command him, he is persuaded and given a assistant in the form of Thorn, a young genius among his people.[28] Showing him the insides of the royal imperial ship, Gast reveals his captured pilots, Vegeta and Kiwi, before releasing them and demanding that they take him to their 'Emperor'.[60] On route to the capital while wearing a new vest, Gast is informed by Thorn that they will arrive by tomorrow and he could handle the controls since they aren't that complicated. Vegeta later chimes in that a surprise attack won't happen since King Cold will be waiting for them to avenge his dead sons.[61]

    Collapse of an Empire: Facing King Cold

    Gast Killing King Cold

    As they arrive at Cold's capital, Gast (once again shirtless) dismisses Vegeta and Kiwi since he has no more need for them.As Gast wonders if his opponent looks like the statues in the capital, King Cold appears from the shadows and tells Gast 'not quite'.[29] Now in his final form, King Cold asks Gast at how much he likes the palace. Gast points out it greatly illustrates the megalomania so prevalent in his family, the emperor begins to walk towards Gast. However he then begins to suffer from pain due to his natural threshold being too much for him.[30] Launching a powerful energy wave at Gast, the super namek places Thorn in a energy shield before making a block guard to endure it, assuring Thorn that he will be fine.[32] With the attack over as King Cold begins to laugh manically, Gast gets up while favoring his right arm and notes that King Cold is completely irresponsible since he could have destroyed the entire planet. Gast then flies off at high-speeds.[31] Making a beeline towards King Cold, Gast successfully punches his face before knocking him down and blasting him from underneath a aerial position.[62] With King Cold stunned and noting that his attacks have finally shit him up, he then sees the frost demon creating a mighty attack of immense size.[63] As King Cold condenses his attack, Gast tells Thorn to find cover as he embraces for the attack.[33] King Cold then launches it, making Gast grit his teeth and serious at the imminent threat.[64] Catching it with a single hand, Gast manages to neutralize the attack into nothing, surprising King Cold.[65] With King Cold visibly tired, Gast blitz before the frost demon before trapping him in a energy sphere.[66] Telling King Cold that he is as foolish as his sons and that he couldn't use this technique if the frost demon was still at peak performance, Gast informs him that his reign shall end as the frost demon yells at him. However Gast then kills him promptly by disintegrating his body.[34] Greatly tired and sweating profusely, Gast wobbles to the ground and is cheered by Thorn, though Gast eventually tells him to shut up so that he can rest.[35]

    Sitting in a destroyed section if the planet, Gast is seen healing Thorn and expressing his desire to train him so that he doesn't have to worry about him in dangerous situations. As they begin to walk away with Thorn questioning Gast about the other two since their still dangerous, Gast informs him that Kiwi is dead. As for Vegeta, he decided to let him escape since his ambitions are not for conquest and would likely want to settle some scores with the empire, making him no threat to Thorn's people.[36] When a Alcmenian shuttle came to pick them up for Icarion, Gast accepts the elders request of offering sanctuary within their city as they vow to find him answers no matter how many years it takes. Finding a semblance of peace, Gast begins to train Thorn as he continues to find a way to revive his people.[15]

    Unknown Point

    At some distant point in the future, Gast Carcolh will kill a "lizard-monster" (who is highly believed to be Cell) that was threatening the entire universe. Later on, Gast shall kill a "pink demon" (who is also highly believed to be Majin Buu or even Dabura) as well.[3] It is insinuated that he could have encountered Broly in some point.[67]

    Multiverse Tournament

    First Round: Lots of Old Foes Here

    Alone in his universe's balcony and seemingly meditating in a solemn manner, Gast Carcolh is nonchalantly standing still as Piccolo and Nail are discussing the surprising lack of Namekians in other universes. Nail informs Piccolo about Gast's background and has absolute faith that he will win the tournament.[3]

    First Round: Two Universes in Bad Luck

    When the arena was being repaired from Trunks easily managing to defeat Coola within their fight, Gast remains stationary while not reacting to any outside stimuli.[37]

    First Round: Pan's First Fight to the Death

    When Gohan powers up to his max over his barely-contained rage at Pan's death, Gast opens his eyes to gaze at the saiyan's incredible power.[38]

    First Round: The Lunch Break we've all waited for

    During the lunch break while sitting down, Gast finished a bunch of glasses of water as he sips on another through a straw.[68]

    When Broly goes on a rampage and releases countless energy blasts, Gast nonchalantly catches and dissolves one of his energy missiles with one hand while having his eyes closed.[69]

    First Round: Vegetto's Last Resources

    Gast becomes more alert when the battle between Vegetto and Broly escalates, violently reaching such a wide entropy that Gast is left speechless.[39] When Vegetto begins his transformation into the Super Saiyan 3 state, Gast shields his eyes from the immense explosion like countless others.[40]

    First Round: What's left of a Cyborg without Humanity

    Once Broly is launched away from the tournament by Vegetto's Final Dragon Flash, Gast reflects on Vegetto's seemingly infinite strength but notes that strength is nothing and he still needs his wish.[24]

    First Round: Saiyans, Nameks, and other Demons

    Gast being attacked before the match began

    "Oh! This Namek is something!"
    Son Gokū, in "Saiyans, Nameks and other Demons"

    When called for his first round battle against a Cell Junior, Gast Carcolh wears a hardened expression before flying towards the arena.[70] When his 'opponent' finally arrives, Gast sees the Junior charging at him.[41] Gast then receives a brutal punch to the face that not only had Gast release blood, but to also fall down on his back.[42] Quickly getting up,Gast remains stationary when he hears that Cell Junior was disqualified for attacking before the match begun.[43] Deciding that he agrees to fight, the officials authorize it before Gast powers up his aura, making Goku and Uub shocked from his sheer strength.[44] Despite Cell Junior powering up to his max, Gast easily blocks all of his blows.[71] Still easily blocking each strike the miniature bio-android throws at him, Cell Junior flies back before launching a Final Flash at Gast.[72] Enduring the attack with no damage despite his clothing getting ruined, Gast fires a concentrated eye beam through Junior's brain.[45] Killing the Cell Junior instantly since the regenerative core was destroyed, Gast is declared the winner of the match before flying off the arena and leaving his dead opponent.[46]

    During the end of the first round as dinner is being prepared, Gast resumes drinking plenty of water while the two Piccolo's from alternate universes appear to be studying him.[73]

    Second Round: The Invincible Gag Manga

    Like many, Gast was visibly unsettled when Vegetto lost to XXI in a unconventional manner.[74]

    Second Round: XXI

    Gast imprisoning Majin Buu

    As Zen Buu was on a rampage at being upset for not having Vegetto getting his rematch with XXI and wanting to take over the tournament, Gast Carcolh was completely immune to Buu's attempt to immobilize everyone. He then verbally tells Buu to 'stop', which greatly surprises Buu.[75] As Buu's entire body is ripped apart before condensing into a misshapen sphere, Buu became a prisoner in Gast's hands while telling the majin to keep calm now.[76]

    Second Round: Fight of the Fathers

    With the situation now underneath control, West Kaioshin approaches Gast and proclaims that they owe him their gratitude for saving them all. When Gast proclaims that they cannot send him back, she informs him that the machine and back ups are broken at the moment, so they have to wait for more to arrive unless they decide to return him back to his universe and leave him there. She then asks Gast if he can hold him for so long.[77] When Buu says he is sorry and asks for a second chance, Gast is visibly stunned before asking if he is kidding after all what he said and done, though Buu admits that his thousands of absorbed personalities made him lose control. Wishing to participate again, Buu promises to behave and even reassures them that he will fix all the machines and can send him back if he does anything weird.[78] When the Grand Kaioshin makes his decision to keep Buu for the tournament, Gast informs the highest god that he doesn't intend to personally contain him for so long. When the Kaioshin proclaims that he can handle him since he copied the technique from sheer observation, Gast gives him Buu and the Kaioshin was able to perfectly contain him before announcing the fights to resume.[79]

    Second Round: Enemies Forever

    When Ghost Pan used Taiyoken in attempt to blind Vegeta, Gast was one of the few to close his eyes in time to avoid the attack's effects.[80]

    Second Round: Corruption of the Absolute Evil

    "Couldn't you find a more pretentious name?"
    "...Says the guy named after a deity?"
    "Don't play that, I'm aware you know nothing of Nameks."
    — Gast and King Piccolo, in "Corruption of the absolute evil"

    After Prince Vegeta's defeat at the hand of Dr. Raichi, Gast and Piccolo Daimao enter the ring when their match is called. Gast, having his arms crossed, makes the first exchange by asking in exasperation if Piccolo could not have chosen a more pretentious name ("Daimao" is Japanese for "Great king"), but Piccolo retorts by saying that Gast has no right to talk since he named himself after a Namekian Deity. Not amused, Gast then states that Piccolo should not give him lip since he knows that Piccolo knows nothing about Namekians.[81] Piccolo, all too happy to acknowledge how correct Gast is by happily claiming that he is "not a namek, but the ultimate evil" since he is the total opposite to Gast, with Gast himself not being impressed with that statement. Adding that Piccolo is an amnesiac, corrupted Namek, Gast sternly notes that Piccolo no matter what is too weak for him. Amused at being called weak, Piccolo unleashes his full power that makes Piccolo from Universe 18 realize that it's not just Piccolo Daimao there, but the union of Piccolo and Kami-sama. Piccolo Daimao then grins evilly while adjusting to his heightened prowess.[82] Piccolo then unleashes his full might on Gast, whom effortlessly dodges or blocks all his attacks.[83]

    Gast battling King Piccolo

    Gast eventually easily backhands Piccolo's chin, causing him to fall onto the floor. Standing over Piccolo, Gast acknowledges Piccolo's strength since it is indeed strong for a Namek, but after applauding him on that Gast tells him that he is even more phenomenal and Piccolo has no chance against him. Mocking Piccolo's self credit for calling himself 'the ultimate evil' as a simple delusion, Gast points out that there are beings in the arena who are way worse than he is. Explaining that they are surrounded by criminals without remorse, Gast reveals to Piccolo that kindness and love for others inhabits within him. Piccolo, highly irritated, blubbers out that it not true regarding Gast's poor assessment since he kills people for fun by dozens daily and not even half the population remains. But Gast then points out that Piccolo is giving himself airs and isn't all that evil since the Androids from Universe 14 murdered all the humans in their universe without any emotion since they hated them.[84] Making a grand expression, Gast tells Piccolo that he no longer absolute evil since he merged with his good counterpart, thus making him be corrupted with goodness. With Piccolo being shocked by this, Gast further hammers it in that he loves the humans and Earth, and the goodness growing in him will make him be fully converted and eventually won't make men suffer anymore. As Piccolo tells Gast that he is crazy since he can perfectly control himself and won't ever do any good, Gast calls him out on it and puts it into his head that he does want to do good. Telling Piccolo that he knows he wants to protect and save them, Gast informs him to not repress it and become overwhelmed with benevolence. As Piccolo screams in terror and in disbelief, Gast darkly tells Piccolo that it is unavoidable since it is his destiny.[9]

    Gast defeats King Piccolo

    Piccolo, reaching his limit and having enough of this nonsense that he rather be deaf than to listen to Gast's lectures any longer proceeds to rip his own ears off. Gast, shocked by the spectacle, is then assaulted by Piccolo's whistling since it causes great distress to him thanks to his super sensitive ears. Piccolo then begins to land brutal blows onto Gast while continuing his whistling.[85] Struggling while still getting assaulted by Piccolo, Goten sees how the battle became one sided and remarks that Gast should rip his ears off too.[86] Hearing Goten, Gast suddenly grabs Piccolo's face, smothering him and tells Goten that he's searching for a challenge where he can. As Goten is shocked by this, Piccolo then breaks free from Gast's grab and resumes his musical assault, but Gast flicks his forehead away like an ant.[87] Declared the winner since Piccolo is knocked out cold, Gast then heals Piccolo Daimao while telling him that he has a long way to go. When Piccolo regains consciousness, Gast tells him that he has so much promise and that he should think on what really makes him happy: torturing people of having them live happily under his protection. Wanting him to think about it genuinely and unprejudiced, Gast tells him that he doesn't have to find the answer now as Yamcha from Universe 9 gets out a notebook and jots it all down.[88]

    Returning to his balcony area, Gast resumes his lean against the wall and declines the organizers offer for healing. Knowing that converting King Piccolo won't be easy, he felt empathy to the dark namek and felt responsible to at least try in helping him. Truly believing that no Namekian should be evil in any universe and remembering his wishful desire to be separated once more by being Nail, Grand Elder Guru, and everyone else, he begins to feel wary of his own strength. Closing his eyes to enter meditation to avoid his fears of becoming drunk with power, Gast cuts himself from the rest of the world via meditating.[48]

    With Porunga about to be summoned, Gast, still in his balcony area, sternly tells the Frost Demons of Universe 8 to not even think about trying to intervene, especially when half of the stadium is watching them.[89]

    Third Round: The New Abilities of Fusion

    As Buu and Gotenks continued their fight, Gast admitted to himself that these two far surpassed him in raw might. Wondering who else was stronger, Gast remained vigilant in winning while still leaning against the corridor.[90]

    Third Round: Balancing the Fighters

    When Bra recovers from King Cold's attack via senzu beans, Gast frowns at the sight of Dr. Raichi's hateful gaze.[91]

    Third Round: Drop the Act

    "You have more of an ideology of vengeance. If you win, will you use your wish to bring back your people, like me?"
    "The dead do not return."
    "And yet you're surrounded by them."
    — Gast Carcolh and Dr. Raichi, in "Drop the act!"

    Gast breaks Raichi's barrier

    Gast Carcolh's third round is against Dr. Raichi of Universe 3.[92] Telling the scientist that he needs to touch the ring, Gast is shocked when Raichi summons the souls of fallen Namekians. When Gast asked how they were killed, Raichi replies that they were killed by the Saiyans of his universe since he has no innocent deaths on his conscience. When Dr. Raichi proclaims that they are one in the same since they are both vigilantes who have the same ideals of peace, Gast retorts that the tuffle's is more inclined to vengeance and asks if he will use his wish to revive his deceased people. When the tuffle answers that the dead don't return, Gast tells him that he is still surrounded by them.[93] As the ghost namekians started charging straight after the super namek, Gast simply blitzes right past them and touches the energy barrier Raichi conjured up at the last moment. After telling Raichi he is living in the past who is trapped in his own shell of denial, effortlessly shatters his barrier while telling him it is time to move on for his own good.[94]

    Wishing to help heal the wrath in Dr. Raichi's heart instead of killing him, Gast listens to Dr. Raichi telling him that Tapion had his little brother slaughtered by savages just like the Saiyans. Vowing to never to stop fighting until all Saiyans were killed and anyone who opposes him will be eliminated without mercy, he summons Hildegan behind him. With the ghost warrior roaring to life, Dr. Raichi likes the idea to avenge his late friend Tapion by using this very same beast for his crusade of vengeful justice. When Hildegan threw a punch at Gast, the super namekian easily caught its punch without flinching before sending out a energy pulse that forcefully made it disappear in a silver vapor. This greatly shocked Dr. Raichi as Gast advances to continue their match, informing him that he will win regardless what fighters are sent out on him since his desire to restore his people while giving the doctor one last chance to surrender.[95]

    Gast bumping into Broly

    Gast is suddenly attacked by Prince Vegeta of Universe 13, who is transformed into a Super Saiyan 3, summoned as a Ghost Warrior by Raichi, which makes the actual Prince Vegeta furious as he spectates in the Universe 13 wing. Stopping his skidding from the blow, Gast immediately flies after Vegeta.[96] Engaging in high-speed combat that has both warriors wailing on each other at a constant yet equal pace, Gast bumps into something that surprises him.[97] Revealed to be Ghost Warrior Broly, who is transformed into the Legendary Super Saiyan state, Gast looks into the saiyan's eyes while the people of Universe 18 are shocked.[98]

    Third Round: All the Hatred of the World

    Gast getting Dissected

    Receiving a punch to the face, Gast manages to not fold before dodging a devastating punch from Vegeta. Broly then starts to chase Gast, laughing manically.[99] After Broly roughly attempts to grab Gast, which failed since Gast dodged his attack, Gast attempts to inflict damage on Broly with a hard punch, but had no effect. With Vegetto watching the fight and mocking Gast since he's not surprised that Broly is completely unharmed, blood comes out of Gast's arm before flying back to avoid Broly's backhand strike.[100] Dodging Vegeta's kienzan as the saiyan prince releases more, Broly comes behind Gast and grabs the namekian to become his temporary prisoner for Vegeta's onslaught.[101] Managed to be grievously cut into several pieces that Gast's eyes are rolled back, Broly releases the destroyed namekian to the ground before throwing a energy blast at the side of the stadium instead of taking Vegeta's advice at finishing off Gast since he can regenerate.[102] As Broly begins attempting to break the barrier protecting the audience and the other competitors after his blast failed, Vegeta calls Broly an idiot before blasting Gast's remains himself.[103]

    Vegeta asks Dr. Raichi to call back Broly, as it's too risky since his mental health has deteriorated far too much. Dr. Raichi says to wait until the Vargas are done counting down since Gast may still be alive and he won't be able to summon Broly again until a great time passes by for charging. Broly then breaks the barrier which terrifies the Vargas.[104] Just before the Vargas count to 30 as Broly begins to penetrate the energy shields, Gast reappears and is completely regenerated, but without clothing. Appearing behind Dr. Raichi, Gast then instantly breaks the energy shield protecting the Tuffle, greatly shocking Vegeta and the scientist.[105] Kneeling down, Gast begins to destroy Raichi's globe by sending out a powerful energy pulse, making both Dr. Raichi and Ghost Warrior Vegeta disappear.[10] As Broly also disappears with Gast regenerating his clothing, Gast comments that Raichi was a ghost all along and how strange this machine was. But suddenly the broken crystal ball sends out smoke, which slowly manifests into a humanoid shape.[106]

    Gast avoiding a lethal blast

    Whole and complete in design, Hatchiyack makes his debut into the scene.[107] Noting that Hatchiyack looks like all of the combined hatred has been anchored into it being, Hatchiyack begins to make an ear piercing scream which causes the audience and the competitors to cringe while holding their ears shut.[108] Enduring the scream until it finally stopped, Gast witnesses Hatchiyack charging up his Revenger Cannon.[109] Firing it mighty energy wave, Gast is completely stunned before getting engulfed in the explosion.[110] Greatly injured that all upper garment clothing is gone with his left side badly injured, Gast witnesses a few seconds later Hatchiyack screaming once again, to which Babidi says is a nice ring to his ear.[111] Greatly annoyed that he cannot attack Hatchiyack while screaming, he sees the time frame when Hatchiyack fires his blast and manages to avoid the second Revenger Cannon.

    Gast destroys Hatchiyack

    Gast, gritting his teeth, realizes that it takes exactly fifteen seconds for Hatchiyack to fire his attack.[112] Counting down to fifteen seconds, Gast begins to charge a powerful energy wave in both hands.[113] Seeing his moment in the countdown, Gast appears before Hatchiyack and unleashes his entire attack into the face of Hatchiyack.[114] Successful in destroying Hatchiyack's entire upper torso, leaving nothing but his legs and waist behind until even that became mostly ashes, Gast kneels down and touches the original orb form of Hatchiyack. Noting that the Dragon Ball cannot likely bring back Dr. Raichi, he concludes that maybe it for the best as he is the official winner in the fight.[115]

    Declared the winner, Gast was healed by four Namekians as he soothes their fears that Raichi or Hatchiyack likely cannot be resurrected to cause more trouble. Soon a mighty applause occurred to both thank and congratulate Gast for his heroics. With the standing ovation in place, Gast left the battlefield to return back to his balcony.[116]

    Babidi's Trap

    Gast creating a shield

    Teleported just like all of the other contestants that weren't majinized by Babidi, Gast Carcolh uses his magic to create a energy barrier to prevent everyone from suffocating to death.[117] As the other contestants flock to Gast with Goku directly thanking him, the super namek silently listens to the others discussing where they are at.[8] Gast, standing next to Goten, Trunks, and Pan see Vegeta pointing out Babidi's spaceship buried underneath the ground.[118] In a nonchalant but stern manner, Gast views Trunks and Pan mocking Emperor Vegeta on his level of evilness.[119] Standing back among the crowd, Gast Carcolh seemingly ignores Vegetto while listening to Goku and Zen Buu discussing about the situation.[120]

    Budokai Royale 2: Supersonic Blast

    With the various contestants trying to locate the arena's energy with Goku noting he cannot find it, Gast points out that they are likely too far away and everyone should search in a different direction. Android 16 adds in that they need to look up and down as well.[121] In position while standing between Universe 12's Trunks and Android 16, Gast begins his attempt at sensing energy. But quickly Vegeta confronts and gets into a argument with Emperor Vegeta behind Gast's back.[122] As the argument escalates, it comically ends when they see Gast face palming himself in annoyance as others are seen to be enjoying it.[123]

    Future Event

    As foreseen by Baddack, Gast will eventually say 'stop' underneath unknown circumstances.[124] This later becomes true in the second round when Gast decides to stop Buu's rampage.[75]

    Power & Abilities

    Gast showing his initial prowess

    The original templates of Gast Carcolh was simply 'Nail' who had a max power level of 42,000 and Grand Elder Guru. But due to the terror Freeza, they became one being since they lacked the power to do so separately.[4][125] At this stage of inception, Gast became strong enough to easily kill Frieza soldiers[17], murder Dodoria, terrify Zarbon to the point he believed that Gast's power surpassed the entire Ginyu Force[11], and injure Frieza so much from a single attack that he instantly transform into his second state to handle Gast[18][53]. But Gast was no match for Freeza, being defeated within a few blows[54] despite believing that he would be enough for the Frost Demon.[5] However upon fusing with the remaining Namekians on Planet Namek[6], Gast Carcolh became strong enough to easily kill the remaining soldiers and Zarbon before brutally overpowering Freeza with a single punch.[55] Even when Freeza went into his Third Form and attacked, Gast was unaffected and bested Freeza with a single blow, forcing him to go into his Final Form.[19][56] Easily enduring a punch from Freeza with seemingly no damage[57], Gast was able to paralyze Freeza with trivial effort before easily killing him with a single energy blast.[20] Later on Gast blackmailed both Vegeta and Kiwi to work for him or face death as a consequence since he greatly surpassed either one.[25]

    Gast crushing Cold's strongest move

    Sometime later upon arriving on Planet Icarion, Gast encounters Coola and his Armored Squadron and gave them no fear since they shouldn't be challenging him since Gast knew he was superior.[13] And in one swift motion, Gast was able to avoid Sauza, critically injure Coola, and then kill the entire squadron with a Super Explosive Wave.[14] With Coola greatly injured, Gast then kills him with a decisive blow.[27] When Gast Carcolh challenged King Cold in his true form albeit uncontrolled, he was able to endure a direct energy wave while still protecting Thorn.[30][32][31] Gast was then shown to be completely overwhelming King Cold, forcing the Emperor to use his strongest attack.[62][63] And when King Cold launched it, Gast was able to defuse it with a single arm, greatly shocking the frost demon.[64][65] And with King Cold greatly exhausted, Gast was able to trap him before outright killing him, though Gast admits that he wouldn't be able to use his technique if Cold was still at full power.[66][34] Immediately after Gast collapses, showing great fatigue from the ordeal.[35] This greatly hints that Gast was using almost or all of his full power to be able to defeat King Cold at this point in time. This is very significant since King Cold was identical to the counterpart that appears in Universe 8 nearly 30 years later, whom mastered his power from training that made him akin to the levels of Android 17, 18, or even 16.[126] So be default, it is likely that Gast is around their level of power at this point in time, or even a bit less. Nonetheless despite becoming a Super Saiyan, Vegeta fell into despair that his power level was still far too small compared to Gast's very own.[127]

    At some point in the distant past, Gast Carcolh killed a "lizard-monster" (who is highly believed to be Cell) that was threatening the entire universe. Later on, Gast also kills a "pink demon" (who is also highly believed to be Majin Buu or even Dabura) that also threatened the universe.[3] This shows that Gast was able to defeat universal-level threats at different points in time.

    Decades later, Gast's powers have tremendously improved since his debut. Gast is so powerful that Nail has ultimate faith that Gast will likely win the tournament in the end.[3] And prior to engaging in his own match, Gast Carcolh doesn't even respond to the fight between Trunks and Coola, indicating the battle didn't interest him.[37] In fact, he only ever became interested when Gohan powered up to his max at the event of Pan's demise, making it the first time he even opened his eyes on-screen.[38] As the first lunch break was underway, Vegetto believes that Gotenks would be no match for Gast, let alone a few other fighters in the tournament.[128] During Broly's rampage, Gast Carcolh easily repelled the energy blasts Broly was releasing.[69] However Gast is visibly alert as the battle between Vegetto and Broly escalates[39], and actively guards himself when Vegetto becomes a Super Saiyan 3.[40] When the battle is over, Gast notes that Vegetto's strength is endless[24], heavily implying that Gast is far weaker than him in this state. In the novel, it was further exemplified that it is both Vegetto and Broly whom powers appeared to be infinite, although Gast remained resolute to make his wish since strength isn't everything.[47]

    Gast easily killing Cell Jr

    During the first round match against Cell Jr, Gast managed to endure and quickly recover from a sucker punch despite having a bruised cheek.[42][43] But when the match started and he powers up, it was so stunning that even Goku was shocked by it.[44] During the fight Gast was able to block all of his blows effortlessly[71], even endure a Final Flash with no damage before killing the Cell Jr with a precise eye laser beam, gaining the victory for the match.[72][45][46] Overall this is pretty significant since Cell Jr not only displayed power vastly greater than what Perfect Cell wielded after his failed suicide during the Cell Games[45], but it was equivalent to Prince Vegeta of Universe 13 as a healthy and full-powered Super Saiyan 2.[129] Thus ultimately Gast Carcolh has surpassed the SSJ2 tier.

    During the first rounds night, even Bra believes that Gast is much more powerful that Piccolo, whom she originally believed was the strongest Namekian of all time. And since she thinks he is hiding more power, she concludes that he may be even able to compete against her own father, Vegetto, before she went to sleep.[130]

    Thanks to his superior knowledge in magic, Gast was able to easily subdue Buu from Universe 4 during his rampage, something no other candidate was able to do when present for it. [75][76]

    Upon facing King Piccolo in the second round, despite his fusion with Kami that shocked even Piccolo from Universe 18[82], Gast was unfazed by Piccolo's power and managed to to easily block all his attacks[83] before greatly injuring him with a single attack[84]. And even after getting briefly stunned by the whistling[85][86], Gast was able to easily stop the assault, retort that he was still 'looking for a challenge', then easily won by casually flicking King Piccolo's forehead.[87][88] Thus overall King Piccolo was ultimately no match for Gast and his heightened prowess.

    Gast showing his weakness to whistling

    Like all Namekians, Gast Carcolh is extremely susceptible to the effects of whistling thanks to his sharpened hearing.[85][86]

    Buu from Universe 4 during the second night decided to not give Gast any boosts for his match against Dr. Raichi.[131] It likely a combination of seeing Gast already being capable enough and to not be detected by the super namekian.

    Gast openly admitted that both Zen Buu and Gotenks from Universe 18 outright surpass him in raw power.[90]

    During the third round match against Dr. Raichi, Gast Carcolh was easily able to defeat each Namekian ghost sent after him simultaneously.[94] Upon Hildegan being summoned, Gast easily stopped it before outright killing it with a single attack.[95] When going against the Ghost Warrior version of SSJ3 Prince Vegeta, both Gohan and Zen Buu proclaim that the battle reminded them of when they fought when Gotenks was Buu's main absorption, heavily implying that both fighters are around equivalent levels or in the same tier.[95] Nonetheless both Gast and Vegeta appeared identical in power, not able to gain a decisive edge over the other.[97] However in the novel adaptation of their brief brawl, Gast believes he was still superior, but knew Vegeta would not be a easy win and would have to be 'serious' to gain victory. This was proven when Gast successfully managed to land more blows, overpower Vegeta's Galick Cannon, and break his left hand, though Gast was going' all out' with his aura deployed, strongly suggesting he was using his full power.[95] But when Broly appeared in his Legendary Super Saiyan state, Gast suffered massive damage that was reinforced in the novel that almost knocked him out.[99][95] While attempting to destroy Dr. Raichi, Gast Carcolh easily killed Bojack, a Cell Jr (unknown which one), and a Oozaru Saiyan since they were utterly useless before his strength.[95] But upon engaging against Broly and throwing his strongest punch, it had no effect on the Saiyan's invincible form and managed to injure his own arm, bringing the emotion of helplessness to him.[100][95] And when captured by Broly, Gast was unable to escape and was horrendously dissected by Vegeta's kienzan barrage, leaving Gast in pieces and seemingly on the verge of death.[101][102][95] Ultimately Gast Carcolh was no match for Broly, which was exaggerated with Vegeta assisting against him. Dr. Raichi himself acknowledges that without Broly, he won't be able to defeat Gast, which states that no other ghost in his arsenal can combat against the super namek.[132] Nonetheless Gast easily survived the encounter and had more than enough strength to kill Dr. Raichi and destroy his orb.[10]

    Piccolo from Universe 18 openly admitted that Gast is the best Namekian, having pride in the fact he is the strongest known Namek to ever exist.[132] Vegetto holds similar views, having twice voiced it while deep in space[133] and watching his battle against Hatchiyack.[132]

    Gast charging his strongest blast

    Upon witnessing Hatchiyack's birth, the tuffle machine had so much power that it not only exceeded Gohan's, but was strong enough to not even envy Vegetto as a Super Saiyan, if not more, which alone gave Vegetto and Zen Buu shocked expressions upon sensing it.[132] Nonetheless Gast was able to survive against his Revenger Cannon, though he suffered extensive injuries and would have been outright killed if he didn't dodge some of it at the last second.[110][111][132] Still fast enough to dodge a second attack[112], Gast however was unable to overpower the monster in close combat, instead getting beaten down violently though always able to get back up.[132] Eventually Gast was able to charge a powerful enough energy wave that completely killed Hatchiyack when his defenses were down, earning him the victory.[113][114][115] In the novel, it was stated that Gast went '200%' and used every fiber of power in his body to vanquish Hatchiyack.[132] Overall, when using all of his energy, Gast is able to fatally injure a opponent that at SSJ Vegetto tier, though the effect of it completely drains him, despite his earlier inability to even injure LSSJ Ghost Broly.

    When transported to a poisonous planet, Gast Carcolh showed the ability to create a energy shield that still maintains optimal oxygen levels, saving many of the transported contestant lives.[117]

    According to Salagir, he admits that his power is around a SSJ3, though points out that his power isn't fully in pure strength.[134] So when tied in to the tier-list[135], Gast should be at least comparable to the likes of Kid Buu, Super Buu (no absorptions), Super Saiyan 3 Goku (DBZ), etc.


    Flight: The ability to levitate by manipulating one's ki. Gast used this many times over the course of his life.[16][58][70]

    Ki Sense: The ability to detect energy signatures. Gast is very adapt at it, best seen when he analyzed Vegetto's power after his first round fight.[24]

    Mystic Attack: The ability to extend out your limbs, usually being the arms. Gast used it against Freeza in his third form to impale him against a mountain.[56] Was also used against Cell Jr in the novel.[136]

    Kiai: The ability to fire a invisible blast of energy. Was used to dispel Ghost Vegeta's Galick Cannon during their fight.[95]

    Ki Blast: A concentrated energy sphere that can be charged at various intervals. Many variations were used over the life of the comic itself. Used to kill Freeza's men[17], Dodoria[11], attack Freeza[53], kill Freeza[20], attack King Cold[62], and ultimately kill Hatchiyack with a full-power energy wave.[113][114]

    Eye Lasers: Gast used this technique to pierce through the Cell Jr.'s regenerative core, killing it instantly.[45]

    Super Explosive Wave: A powerful omni-directional blast of energy from the entire body. Used to kill Coola's entire Armored Squadron.[14]

    Energy Shield: A powerful shield of energy that can protect the user from harm. Used to protect Thorn from King Cold's energy wave.[32] Gast can also create a large one that can support multiple people while maintaining optimal oxygen levels.[117]

    Nova Flash (Unnamed): After releasing a ki ball, it immediately illuminates a bright light reminiscent to the sun, thus blinding the opponents before being utterly vaporized. Used to blind Freeza and to kill Zarbon and some of Freeza's men.[55]

    Imprisonment Sphere (Unnamed): Upon trapping a opponent in a sphere of energy, the user can disintegrate his foe from within, killing him outright. Used to kill King Cold from his own universe.[66][34]

    Telepathy: Allows the user to speak with somebody through the mind alone. Used to read the minds of Gohan and Krillin from his universe.[22][23]

    Magic: The ability to use spells to achieve various desired effects. Uub considers his capabilities to be 'high-tier' since he could do many things he himself cannot.[132] It is highly insinuated by Salagir that this is one of Gast's greatest strengths.[134]

    • Healing Magic: A generic namekian ability that allows the user to heal the injuries of a being of their choosing. Was used to heal King Piccolo during the second round[88] and Thorn after fighting King Cold.[36]
    • Magic Materialization: The ability to create things from nothing. Was used to repair his own clothes.[106]
    • Camouflage Magic: The ability to make the user to appear as something else. Gast used this to appear as rocks as Vegeta seemingly killed a ' rock decoy' that appeared as his remains in a attempt to get close to Raichi.[132]
    • Majin Lock (Unnamed): A unique telekinesis-like sealing spell that is strong enough to imprison the likes of Zen Buu. It is speculated by Goku to be based off of some form of namekian magic. Used in the second round during Zen Buu's rampage.[75][76]
    • Paralyze Beam (Unnamed): After taking a meditative stance, Gast can nonchalantly paralyze his opponents with ease. Used to halt Freeza's movements before he could destroy Namek with his Death Ball.[57][20]

    Regeneration: The ability to heal almost any sort of wound inflicted on the body. Used to recover from his initial fight with second form Freeza[5] and from his battle against Ghost Vegeta and Broly.[105]

    Fusion: The unique namekain technique to permanently join bodies with the receiver being the dominate persona. Used to achieve his initial form when Nail absorbed Grand Elder Guru[4][52] before acquiring his current form after absorbing several dozen other namekians.[5][6]

    Forms / Fusions

    Super Namekian (Current Form)

    This form was achieved when the previous version of Gast fused with a unknown amount of namekians to finally overpower Freeza and his minions.[5][6] Gast will then proceed to get stronger over time while dealing with other threats (lizard monster, pink demon, etc) until he was invited to the Multiverse Tournament.[3]

    Forms / Fusions (Former)

    Super Namekian (Grand Elder Guru / Nail Fused)

    This was the very first version of Gast to appear in DBM. With Nail being used for the main body, Gast heavily resembles him, though he is much taller, stronger, and far more ruthless thanks to Guru's added powers.[4][11] Nonetheless, he still retains his deep love for his people, referring to them as his "children" like Guru does.[17]

    While clearly stronger than Freeza in his first form[18], he was no match for the Frost Demon when he ascended to his Second Restriction Form[54], thus he needed to fuse with more Namekian individuals.[5][6] He was known as "Grand Nail" at this stage.[51]

    Forms/ Fusions (Non-Canon)

    Giant Form

    While it has yet to be seen in the comic or novel, but Gat seems to be capable of this. Was used to grossly tower over King Piccolo during their battle in the minicomics.[137]

    Tournament Battle

    Round Result Opposent Type Notes
    QF N/A Son Bra N/A soon
    3 WIN Raichi Killed Raichi is killed
    2 WIN Piccolo Daimao KO
    1 WIN Cell Jr. Killed Cell Jr. Is killed

    Tournament Battles

    • First Round: Gast Carcolh vs. Cell Jr. (victory) from Page 481 to Page 490
    • Second Round: Gast Carcolh vs. Demon King Piccolo (victory) from Page 946 to Page 954
    • Third Round: Gast Carcolh vs Dr. Raichi (victory) from Pages 1264-1269 to Pages 1320-1339.


    • According to Salagir in a personal email, he originally envisioned Gast's power level less than a "Super Saiyan 3". But his team talked him out of it.[134] With this context, at most he would have been at SSJ2 tier, if not less.
    • At one point very early on when Salagir was still debating on Gast's power, he hinted that it could be anywhere from half as strong as a SSJ to being 3948 times Vegetto.[138]
    • Due to discrepancies, but Gast Carcolh's power level may not be at SSJ Vegetto+ tier. This is consistent with Salagir's tier list he made a while back since Gast doesn't appear in the same tier as SSJ Vegetto.[135] However in the novel fight against Hatchiyack, Gast was able to kill the tuffle machine who had power comparable to SSJ Vegetto, though he had to wait for it defenses to be lowered to accomplish it.[132] However a personal email to Salagir has him admitting it is at the level of a "Super Saiyan 3", which is a couple tiers lower than SSJ Vegetto.[134]
    • It is currently unknown how Nail from Universe 10 learned about Gast's backstory.[3] Also Nail speculates that he believes Gast's wish is to be separated into all the individual souls he once was, before fusion.[139]
    • While is exact height is unknown, Gast is incredibly tall since he is comparable to Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan state.[98] According to Piccolo, it at least three meters, if not more so.[139]
    • Upon being born, Gast Carcolh lost certain Namekian abilities due to being a warrior such as asexual reproduction and creating Dragon Balls.[1] This also likely extends to not being able to separate into his individuals due to the nature of his fusion, something Nail believes in and wants to use the Dragon Balls to separate once more.[139]
    • It is unknown if Gast Carcolh inherited any of his fusee's original techniques. This includes Grand Elder Guru's famous "Unlocked Potential" ability or Nail's "Mystic Flasher".
    • Contrary to popular belief, but Gast Carcolh doesn't have the entire Namekian population within him from his universe.[3] It's unknown how many Namekians Gast actually fused with as Freeza had already begun killing Nameks prior to his two fights with Gast. In fact, all but one namek elder in the two first villages were slaughtered.[7][52][5] Despite this, he fused with enough of them (the remaining population from the other villages) to become powerful enough to defeat Freeza on his own[20], and there were ultimately no other Nameks left according to Gast.[1] Since Grand Elder Guru ultimately birthed 109 children, which includes Nail, it could have been a substantial number. The list likely includes Moori, Dende, Cargot, and Tsuno since they are from the other villages Freeza didn't attack.
    • Confirmed by Piccolo via ki searching, he and by extension Kami are not part of Gast's makeup.[140] It was further collaborated on when King Piccolo did the same after winning his first round match.[141] This was all later confirmed to be true in a special chapter dedicated to Gast Carcolh.[142]
    • Although unconfirmed, but there a strong possibility that Namekian warriors from Universe 10 such as Cargo, Lumaca, and Caracoru are also a part of Gast from Universe 7 during Freeza's attack on Namek.
    • Though unconfirmed, but before battling Cell's son, Gast appears to be familiar with "Cell" and knows the Androids origins from Universe 14. Gast even notes he has a narrow link to "Cell", but what it exactly means is unknown.[140]
    • It unknown if Gast Carcolh encountered Lord Slug in his universe at any point. But Lord Slug was alive around the time Gast was born in Universe 13, so it is possible they could met, or even fused though it all remains speculative.
    • Gast's name was revealed during his battle against Cell Junior in the First Round.[70]
    • Salagir commented on Gast's page debut that he [in regards to his naming scheme] "didn't decide yet, and didn't plan for a pun. I've decided he'd call himself "All Namek People" in Namek language, which would give something like Namekista, Oguhinameku. It can be a pun too! I'll just have to find a good snail name in some language and decide it means "people" in namekien. When Nameks decided to become one, the one who absorbed the others (certainly Nail) changed a lot and isn't himself anymore. Plus he represents his people so it's normal he changes his name. Personally I would try to avoid a made-up (by me -or funimation) namekkian word. Maybe a pun on slugs/snails again... and then pretend it's a namekkian word for something. I still have some time to decide."[143]
    • However according to Piccolo in terms of etymology in-universe, it may have been a deliberate choice on the part of the first Namek; Nail was likely to change his name because he was now the representative of all his people. “Gast” was simply a diminutive form of the Namekian word meaning “the people” or “the nation”. As far as “Carcolh” was concerned, it was a reference to the newly-formed Namek’s power. It was the name of a legendary Namekian god whose tale now endured only in children’s stories, passed down from generation to generation. Thousands or even millions of years ago, the primitive Nameks worshiped imaginary deities, like many others. Carcolh was a giant mollusk of great power and poise.[140] Regardless of the in-universe explanation, Gast's name is likely based on the mythical beast from the French Folklore named "Lou Carcolh", a giant half slug half serpent monster.
    • According to King Piccolo of Universe 3, he stated that "Gast Carcolh" is the name of a Namekian Deity.[81] This was further proven true much earlier when Piccolo was spectating about it before Gast battled Cell Jr.[140]
    • As revealed in the minicomics, Gast Carcolh never faced certain threats some had in other universes. This includes Bojack since he is still sealed and Dr. Raichi since he slowly disappeared due to Freeza having already annihilated the Saiyans.[144][145]
    • Gast and Uub appear to be the only two characters in DBM that have no counterparts in any other Universe.
      • However, an argument can be made that they both do, since Uub is the reincarnation of Buu, and Gast is made up of all Namekians alive during the Freeza Saga (such as Nail or Grand Elder Guru).
      • And in canonical Dragon Ball Super, Gast's counterpart is likely the 'Namekian Savior' which is a bunch of warrior-type Namekians fused to confront Moro in Universe 7. Also Saonel and Pirina from Universe 6 can also be seen as counterparts since each are Super Namekians consisting of various namekian fusions.
      • An unofficial continuation of Gast appears in a fancomic made by "Scar" titled "Gast & Palz".[146]
      • In the minicomics that reveals "Universe 21"[147], Gast Carcolh appears and reveals to King Piccolo, Goku, and Raditz that he has already killed Freeza.[148] In Age 774 during the Buu Saga, Gast mercilessly pummeled Dabra on Planet Namek since the demon king wanted to serve Babidi in relocating Babidi to another planet to attain energy for Buu.[149] However the fight made enough energy for Majin Buu to be released, whom proceeds to battle Gast before absorbing him. Now with a clear mind, "BuuGast" becomes friends of fusion warriors before telling Uub in Age 784 that he will become a great guy despite his unique chemistry.[150]
    • Comically Gast has had several encounters against Cell in the minicomics. During one battle in the tournaments finale, they have a contest to see who can regenerate faster from severed arms (where Gast reveals he could regenerate to no end and doesn't even feel any pain).[151] Another incident is where they fail to hit each other in 10,000 degrees of gravity.[152]
    • Due to possessing so many Namekians in his being, Gast Carcolh needs to drink a lot to replenish his energy levels.[153]
    • Salagir agrees in the comments section that if Gast Carcolh could create Mutated Namekians, they will just be as strong as Freeza himself.[154]


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