Deus Ex Machina is the twenty-fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse and the tenth special chapter. This chapter focuses on the events on the Kaioshins of Universe 1 and 10 as they were the same Universe at one point, but eventually split into two separate Universes.


As Bibidi was nearly finished creating an unstoppable creature, South Kaioshin and East Kaioshin appeared. Bibidi blasted them with his magic, but it was ineffective. As South Kaioshin attacked Bibidi, he summoned his minions to protect him on which East Kaioshin had easily defeated. After, South Kaioshin obliterated Bibidi and his laboratory. Due to this event, the Grand Kaioshin decided that all the Kaioshins would intervene and destroy any upcoming evil armies, cults, and demons themselves. They also killed every Legendary Super Saiyan, if their power becomes prime. At Year 793, the Vargas invited the Kaioshins to the Multiverse tournament.

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