• GekuTheSaiyan


    November 9, 2018 by GekuTheSaiyan

    Everything after super was fake. Jiren didn't need to block SSJ2 Goku's kick, but had to dodge ROSHI'S? Don't do it Super. Just staph. More ways it was trash. 

    1. SSJ2 Caulifla wa able to go against SSB Goku. -_-

    2. BSSJ Kale could easliy beat ANILIZA ( manga ), so that means Aniliza was weaker in the manga in the anime which took, all the full power attacks from U7

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  • LegendaryArte

    Welp, today's my Birthday!! I'm one year older

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  • BH Ouji

    So we know that mystic boy went to U13 room to talk to Kakarotto however there's one thing wrong with his line

    In here he states that Goku FOREVER changed upon hitting his head, but aren't amnesias not permant?

    (Sorry for my english)

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  • LegendaryArte


    January 17, 2017 by LegendaryArte

    Hey everyone.

    I apologize for not contributing that much throughout the week. I have gone on a short hiatus due to irl problems. I will get back to editing shortly. Thanks for understanding. :^)

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  • BH Ouji

    So in this page Birus aka XXI turned down this witch did you think she finally learned her lesson for killing everyone and think Yamcha should be kicked in the balls over 9000 times for defending a hitler, orrrrrrrrrrrrr you think FLazuli should of changed, since she wasn't so bad (Her killing Future Gohan was non canon)? What do you think?BH Ouji (talk) 11:48, January 7, 2017 (UTC)

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  • LegendaryArte


    October 25, 2016 by LegendaryArte

    Page 1243 tho...

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  • Joe-jostar-mega

    Who will win? If Vegeta win, He will facing Bulla from U16 which is interesting family bloodline.

    If Cell win, Pink Zee Devil vs Bio-Terminator?

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    This blog post shall be my personal take on how Vegeta from Universe 17 should have really died. Now while I did in fact enjoyed how Vegeta died in the actual comic and novel, I just think so much more could have been added to enrich Vegeta's character before he ultimately perished.

    Let's jump right into it...

    As the dust finally settles down, it was revealed that Gohan was indeed killed by the might of Cell's attack. As the Z-Fighters began to silently mourn the loss of their friend, Vegeta was the one to take it the hardest out of them all.

    It wasn't the fact that Vegeta actually loved the boy or anything, it was the fact that Vegeta was ultimately responsible for Gohan's death and is not strong enough to avenge him like a proper saiyan com…

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Here is the final installment of my blog series on which is the strongest non-canon Buu!

    0.1 "Penultimate Buu" - Super Buu (Thousands or even Millions Absorbed): Also known as Zen Buu, Mega Buu, Hyper Buu, Random Exposition Buu [joke name], or just Buu, this version is the 20 year evolved version of Super Buu in chapter 45 in Multiverse and the one that appears in the tourament. Insanely powerful, manipulative, yet playful, this Buu possesses a wide range of powers and personality twists that his other incarnations never dreamed was even possible. Unlike many incarnations of himself, this Buu views himself as his own god and has a strong sense of both good and evil, though he only does good to further his own goals and amusement. Interestingly,…

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Here is the sequel to the strongest non-canon version of Majin Buu in existence!

    1.6 - Super Buu (Ultimate Gohan Absorbed): Super Buu absorbing Ultimate Gohan will give Buu strength that will automatically surpass most forms of Buu. Despite lacking the powers of Goten and Trunks, not including the strength and intelliegence of Piccolo, this Buu is still highly intelliegent with strength that can still compete against base Vegetto.

    This version appears in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 video game and Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 1 and 2

    1.3 - Super Buu (Tien, SSJ3 Break, and Majin Piccolo Absorbed): This version of Majin Buu is insanely powerful due to the multiple absorptions he has made during his tenure on Earth. Just shy from being just as strong as Bu…

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Here is the official continuation of my list on which is the strongest non-canon version of Majin Buu!

    5.3 - Super Buu (Frieza Absorbed): Super Buu absorbing Frieza (still namek-saga level) would bring lots of new power, intelleigence, and techniques to Buu's repertoire. The main noticeable trait Buu does inherit is his new profound hatred for saiyans. Some of the new attacks he learns his Death Beam, Death Wave, and the infamous Death Ball. Despite being much more powerful than ever before, his power still pales in comparison to a Piccolo absorption (who is strong enough to defeat Semi-Perfect Cell) or the higher up absorptions.

    This version appears in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 video game.

    P.S. - If Super Buu actually fused with Frieza via fusion…

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Hello everybody to the next installment of who is the strongest Buu, fanfiction style (includes games, some AU's, etc)! 

    Now to make this list, I shall compare this list comparitive strength to Buu's canon forms, and detemine how strong these forms are by comparison. It will make more sense once you start reading it, trust me. For example, if I give a form a 6.5, that menas that this form of Buu is stronger than Kid Buu, yet weaker than Super Buu. I highly advist that you read my other two blogs on this site to have more sense if you prefer.

    Now let's get started shall we...

    10.5 - Fat Buu (Pure Good, Post-Miss Buu fission): Despite being the weakest version of Majin Buu already, Good Buu became even weaker upon splitting his body once more to cre…

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Here is the next installment of my personal list on who is the strongest Majin Buu..

    6. Super Buu: Also known as Shin Buu or Adult Buu, this version of Majin Buu is the result of Evil Buu absorbing Fat Buu. Despite possessing some level of good in him by absorbing Fat Buu and not being as destructive as Kid Buu, his level of power far outweighs the both of them. In the original anime and manga, Goku expresses his opinion tht neither he or Vegeta could ever defeat him when sealed inside of Buu's body. This is proven true in the anime when SSJ Goku and Vegeta couldn't even hurt Buu at all, with latter playing around with them. If it wasn't for Vegeta's quick thinking to defeat Super Buu, the fusion dance would have been their only option for s…

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    What sup everyone! I hope that you all had a excellent day and is prepared to enjoy a age old discussion on "which form is the strongest version of Majin Buu". Now keep in mind, my list will only use the canon forms that Buu appears in the original anime and manga (so no heroes, fanfiction, multiverse, etc). Now I will make a list for those forms someday, it just wont be today. :)

    Now here is my list of the strongest forms of Buu (from weakest to strongest):

    10. Fat Buu (Pure Good): Also known as Mr. Buu, Good Buu, or Innocent Buu, this is the version of Fat Buu who has expelled all of the evil from his entire body. Due to his split from Evil Buu, Fat Buu supposedely became a different "life-form" who happened to lost some of his unique majin ca…

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  • BH Ouji

    Hey there, i'll like you opinions on what character you want in DBH2 i go first

    • Future Gohan, Future Pan , Future Videl - FGohan is no explaination, Future Pan, we have a badass Gohan, why not a badass Pan? Future Videl, Videl needs more love
    • U13's Pan, Gohan and Goten - Kakarotto is a pervert so why he killed a sex bomb like Chi-Chi? He should mate her and have kids with her (As for Pan, well leave Mark, his wife and Videl alive)BH Ouji (talk) 09:18, July 30, 2016 (UTC)
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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Hello everyone! Lately I have been heavily thinking about the characters who have not been featured in Salagir's comic (Turles, Lord Slug, etc), and I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that someone as goonish as Janemba wasn't included in the final draft. While I can understand that his movie does have some plot inconsistancies (time placement around the Buu saga, etc) and Janemba being similar to Kid Buu in terms of dialogue (screaming, laughing, and that basically it lol), his design and strength far makes up his flaws in my eyes. I mean he can actually distort all of reality (similar to Arale from U2) on a whim, and can defeat the likes of SSJ3 Goku without even trying. But I guess the fact that Janemba's shady backstory along with …

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Hello everybody! I hope you guys are having a lovely sunday today (I know I am, first day off in five months on any sunday lol). 

    Anyways, today I will like to talk about the characters that Salagir unfortunately has decided to not allow to participate in the tournament itself. My list will include characters that are either spectators, dead, or warriors that aren't featured at all in the comic (movie characters, OVA, specials, etc). Let's jump right into it, shall we :)

    Grand Supreme Kai (Universe 1): Being the closest thing to a actual god in the series (in terms of creation and omnipresent), Daikaioh is a powerhouse who presumably held the title of "strongest" for millions of years. While he may not be exactly as strong as Southern Suprem…
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  • LegendaryArte


    July 8, 2016 by LegendaryArte

    Hey, I will be adding the info on Cold and Bra's fight on both pages, and also add info on chapter pages since their stubs. Also, sorry I was kind of inactive, irl things happened so I wasn't able to edit much. Also congrats to Gotenks for becoming an admin!

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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Majin Army

    June 29, 2016 by Xeno Gotenks

    Hey guys, how has it been? Today I will like to discuss with ya on my thoughts with the upcoming majin invasion hosted by our very own hated sorceror, Babadi. This event will most certainly be one of the greatest events that will ever happen in the multivese tournament because many unsanctioned battles will assume in this arc. For example, could you imagine Kakarot (zenkai-post) having his rematch with U18 Vegeta while also having a majin boost? Fights like these are entirely possible within this arc. But for now, lets talk about the warriors who have already been affected by Babadi's magic!

    King Piccolo- This Super Namek is already strong enough by himself without any power given to him. With Kami fused into him [thus being the nameless na…
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  • Xeno Gotenks

    Hey guys, today I would like to share with ya on who I would love to see Zen Buu absorb sometime in the upcoming events in the DBM tournament. My list contains both organic and inorganic "victims" that I believe will strengthen Zen Buu to even greater levels than before! So lets jump right to it..

    1. Vegetto- Now this may seem either redundant (already has Goku and Vegeta absorbed in his universe) or expected, but the power that Vegetto harbors is completally mouth-watering to anybody who has seen it. In terms of techniques he can teleport, create physical ki attacks (Spirit Sword), has telepathic powers, and a abundance of unique moves (Big Bang Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha, Majin Punisher, Final Dragon Flash, etc). Plus his physical and mental…
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  • IStoleThePies

    Wiki adoption

    April 16, 2016 by IStoleThePies

    In order to help out the site, I would like to adopt the wiki. I can change the design through CSS and JS, and completely revitalize the site.

    Is anyone else for or against this?

    EDIT: All right, I've made the adoption now:

    Please tell me if you have any opinions on this.

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  • Heart of Steel

    Anyone else here?

    August 14, 2015 by Heart of Steel

    I joined this wiki because I like to edit wikis and I like DBM, and I noticed that I am the only one doing it, at least at a decent scale.

    Is there anyone else in here besides me?

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  • ZGamer

    Goku fight theorys

    June 14, 2015 by ZGamer

    here is the novelization of fights i want to see in goku

    goku*mind*:argh! hes to strong! even with super saiyan 2 he over powers me! unless i get a chance to go super saiyan 3 i dont have a chance!... i have to try!

    goku: Hey! i want to do something could you give me about 2 minuites?

    king cold: ha if it will make this interesting go ahead!

    Goku:*powers up to ssj3* now the real battle begins!

    Vegeta(U13): hang on its that form! .... what does the scouter say about it? *puts on scouter*. wh-wh-what!? how is that possible!!

    Kakkarot(U13): what is it??

    Vegeta (U13):his power... th-the scouter cant pick it up!


    vegeta(U13):... I dont get how someone or something could have that much power!

    King cold:hmm interesting this is the same f…

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  • Steve9021

    Hero Reborn

    Detailed Story Overview

    By Steve9021

    Please Note: This work of teenage-rated fiction contains a lot of swearing and graphically gruesome deaths within it’s literature.

    Point of Divergence-Taking place several hundred years Before Age and during the end of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, the Space Pirate known as Chilled with his last dying breaths relays a final holographic message to his family once after Chilled only narrowly survives his encounter with Super Saiyan Bardock on Planet Plant. In order to warn them of the threat of the Super Saiyan prior to Chilled, his crew, and ship mysteriously disappearing while on their way home to Arcos…

    Chapter 1: A Hero Reborn! The Incredible Power of Fusion!

    Age 784

    The planet Earth and most …

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  • Zendarmanitan

    I think we work on more pages. There are only about 300 pages in this wiki. I think we should work on: 




    You can see the categories above for the pages. I have a few for each category and it would help if some of you guys helped.

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  • Lawtempest

    Kakarot (Universe 3)

    January 25, 2013 by Lawtempest

    What lf he were in the tournament. He may last for a few rounds.

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  • Zendarmanitan

    I created this power level page for multiverse and i need help to make it perfect.

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  • BHM1250

    Future Round Predictions

    September 24, 2012 by BHM1250

    I thought of making my own little prediction table of how these rounds are going to turn out for fun. If you disagree or not, feel free to make your own.

    Cell vs Bojack-Winner:Cell

    Why?:Even without the death zenkai and the 20 years of possible training, Cell would be equally matched in power with Bojack. Yet, Cell would STILL win as he possesses a boatload of abilities that Bojack doesn't.

    Tapion vs Krillin-Winner:???

    Why?:Since Tapion's true power is unkwown to both the manga and canon, it's impossible to know the winner.

    Vegetto vs XXI-Winner:Probably XXI

    Why?:Well due to the theory of Vegetto being Ginyu'd and possibly have him disqualified, I think XXI might auto go to the next round.

    Android 18 vs Arale-Winner:Probably Arale

    Why?:Well at fir…

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  • Road-K


    August 30, 2012 by Road-K


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  • Fusionwilliam

    We need to clean up this wikia guys. Like make a logo and we should start with the front page.

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  • BHM1250

    Multiverse Forum

    March 29, 2012 by BHM1250

    For those who use the English Multiverse page, you'll know that the staff have became seriously strict about what type of comments are allowed, so I decided to create a forum that gives you all the freedom you want to show your appreciation towards the comic/manga. So go here and show your support if you're interested:

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  • SuperSaiyanKrillin


    March 4, 2012 by SuperSaiyanKrillin

    Heylo, SuperSaiyanKrillin here! I have a question! What does everyone think people want for their wishes?

    Here is what I think:

    • Vegeta:Immortality
    • Kakarot:Immortality

    Gast:To separate all the Nameks back into separate entities

    Vegito:To become two separate entities again

    King Cold/Frieza/Cooler:Immortality

    These are what I think, you might have different ideas, and other characters, but I want to know. So please tell me, and have fun with it! The Power that is Ssk! 20:13, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Specialbeamkamehameha


    December 19, 2011 by Specialbeamkamehameha

    So far, i find the story of the multiverse to be pretty dang awesome, however i think that having Bra being super powerful, and stronger than Gohan is very stupid. It just really is something i find dumb.

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  • Tjakari


    December 6, 2011 by Tjakari

    Im amazed this wiki doesn't have more users.--KingOf.Dan.A.Langs.In.The 02:12, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Ishmudd

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  • Kaonohiokala

    Hey all, if you guys have been around here long enough, you'd know that we currently do not have any administrators here. So I've contacted the Community Central Wikia in regards to becoming the admin of this wiki myself. They requested for me to start a discussion here about this situation. So if you'd like to support me on becoming admin, please comment your approval. For those who don't know me, simply check out my user page (click link below). I've made several contributions and am currently working on a few projects to keep things updated on organized here. Granted, we still have a long ways to go, but if become admin I'll make sure to lead this wiki in the right direction. So please, leave your comments concerning this entire …

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  • Kaonohiokala

    This is regarding names of articles and the general usage of the characters in articles. Currently the standard is to match the English canon names of characters. However, DBM uses their own names, (some even differing from Viz manga names).

    Basically, we have two main options here:

    1. Stick with English canon names (see DB Wiki)
    2. Use names from DBM

    Here are some main name changes (Current names left, DBM names right):

    • Cargo/Cargot
    • Frieza/Freeza
    • Jeice/Jeece
    • Goku/Son Goku
    • Burter/Butta
    • Supreme Kai/Kaioshin (applies to all Kaioshin)
    • Recoome/Reacum
    • Cooler/Coola
    • Kakarot/Kakarotto
    • Dabura/Dabra
    • Salza/Sauzer
    • Krillin/Kulilin
    • Vegito/Vegetto
    • Bulla/Bra
    • Tien/Tenshinhan

    The main problem I'm seeing is that if we go with the former, many of the more common names for familiar c…

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