Race Saiyan
  • Hanasia (mate)
  • Raditz (son)
  • Kakarotto (son)
  • Baddack of Universe 10, a universe where the Saiyans never went under the command of Freeza and never gain advanced technology.


    Multiverse Tournament

    He joined his Saiyan comrades in the participation of the Multiverse Tournament. When asked by Goten from Universe 18 about his son Kakarotto, Baddack states that he died long ago. He fights Pan from Universe 18 in the first round and gives up after a short and humiliating fight. He later leaves along the rest of the Sayans.

    While this Baddack did not appear in any later DBM manga chapters (other than in the minicomics) he appears to be slightly more cunning and much more brooding than either of his 18th and 3rd counterparts. In Chapter 53 of the DBM novelization, he is the one who first conspires with King Vegeta to take over the Vargas ship.

    Because Vegeta never bothered to train, Baddack eventually surpassed him, which he announced after blocking king Vegeta's attack, only to be killed seconds later by his alternative mate, Hanasia.

    Baddack was murdered by the ghost of Hanasia from universe 3, a ghost planted by Dr. Raichi in a chip inside the Varga's spaceship. Hanasia punched through Baddack's chest killing the Saiyan the instant.


    As a Cell junior and Burta were revived in DBM despite not being killed in the tournament, it's assumed the Saiyans that Raichi (and his ghost warriors) killed were revived as well.