"Enough playing around! I am taking control of the situation! All these vermin will be under my command, or be destroyed!"
— Babidi, in "Facing the opponent that made you who you are"

Babidi11 color
Alternate names Master Babidi
Race Madoshi
  • Majin Buu (underling)
  • Dabura (underling)
  • Kakarotto (underling)
  • Nappa (underling)
  • King Piccolo (underling)
  • Cell (underling)
  • Wyatt Augustin III (underling)
  • Burter (underling)
  • Jeice (underling)
  • Captain Ginyu (underling)
  • (underling)
  • Freeza (underling)
  • Coola (underling)
  • Baddack (underling)
  • Recoome (underling)
  • Salza (underling)
  • King Piccolo (underling)
  • Android 17 (underling)
  • Naurb (underling)
  • Babidi (バビディ, Babidi) from Universe 11 is a sorcerer with an evil heart who came as a spectator. He possesses entities who are at least a little evil and makes them his slaves. He seems to have control of the Majin Buu from his universe, unlike his Universe 18 counterpart; however, he doesn't have full control over the demon.


    First Round

    When Uub lost his arm while fighting Tidar, Babidi offered to heal him (not for free, of course) but Uub refused, stating that he did not want to have anything to do with his deceitful tricks. Then Buu from Universe 4 healed Uub, to hassle Babidi or because sensing himself in Uub, or simply both. It was revealed in the novelization that Babidi is envious of the Buu from Universe 4 and sees him as the "real" Buu that his father had created, unlike the Buu from his universe. When Dabura lost to Cell Babidi did not seem to care much and refused to heal him. It looks like he expects his Majin Buu to win the tournament.

    Third Round

    Babidi then tries to interfere with Uub and Majin Buu's battle, by casting a spell. But Supreme Kai stops him from doing so, resulting in Majin Buu losing to Uub. Infuriated by this turn of events, Babadi decides to create an army of elites under his control with the Majin Seal. His first victim is King Piccolo. Babidi then goes on to possess many participants, such as Freeza and Coola of Universe 8, along with numerous of his soldiers. Later on, during Gast Carcolh and Dr. Raichi's battle, Babidi seemed to enjoy the noise Hatchiyack produced, as he said it "has a lovely tune". Babidi subsequently uses a spell to make some members of Universe 16 and Universe 18 vanish.

    U11 Babidi