Babidi's trap is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Dragon Ball Multiverse series.


Most competitors of the Multiverse Tournament are not able to breathe because they were transported to a faraway planet. However, Gast clears the smoke that made the competitors unable to breathe, which Goku thanks him for. As the South Suprme Kai wonders where Vegetto is, Vegetto, annoyed, tells the God he's right behind him. Majin Buu of Universe 4 is then accused of causing everything that had happened, but Buu reassures them it was not his doing. Goku notices that the Goten of his Universe isn't with them, and Trunks tells him he was in their apartment. Uub also says the entire Universe 9 was spared from Babidi's spell, possibly because the apartment they were in protected them. As Goku says they must find a way back to the Tournament and stop Babidi, Vegetto claims Babidi already failed, as Son Bra and both Gohan of Universe 16 and Universe 18 were spared from Babidi's spell. Goku then comes up with a plan to Instant Transmission everyone back to the arena. Suddenly, Dabura is attacked by West Supreme Kai and she warns him to stop or else it will cost him dearly, only to be hit by Dabura, knocking her into the distance. Goten of Universe 18 appears from his apartment confused of what's happening, then he quickly kicked one of Cell Juniors and Gohan assisted him (who killed one Cell Juniors in a very brutal way), allowing Piccolo to grab Bra and Videl to escape while a Cell Junior hits Goten.


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